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May, 2024

Gippsland Dairy unveils ‘Slow Good’ platform, celebrating craftsmanship in yogurt production

Gippsland Dairy is launching a new brand platform this week, titled ‘Slow Good’, which pays homage to the unique, time-consuming process by which its yogurt is crafted.

The campaign, led by a series of films directed by Tim Bullock and voiced by Tiriel Mora, contrasts ‘slow bad’ life experiences with the enjoyment of Gippsland’s ‘Slow Good’ yogurt.

The campaign was created by Special Australia, while production was done by Scoundrel, with Tim Bullock as the director. The campaign will continue across radio, Spotify, social media, outdoor advertising, digital platforms, and point-of-purchase.

Head of Marketing at Gippsland Dairy, Andrew Noisette, shared his excitement about the new platform. Gippsland is owned by Chobani Australia.

“In a category and industry focused on quick production and lowest cost, Gippsland Dairy has been able to retain its award-winning texture and taste by keeping true to its unique production method. We’re thrilled to have unlocked a platform that we feel has all the ingredients to be impactful, memorable and help tell our story,” he said.

Creative Director at Special, Chris Ellis, reflected on the concept of ‘slow’.

“In life, slow is typically something we avoid – it can be aggravating, stress inducing and, in some cases, downright disastrous. But our good mate, prolific writer and yogurt fiend, Voltaire said, ‘Perfection is gained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time.’ He was onto something. Slow can be good.”

Executive Creative Director at Special, Ryan Fitzgerald, also commented on the campaign.

“Long press releases are slow bad. So in short, slow is what makes Gippsland Dairy. We’ve captured this truth with a piece of sticky language that speaks to craft and taste. It’s a fun platform that will deliver chuckles and yogurt cravings for some time to come.”