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August, 2021

How Kitting Gift Packs can surprise and delight your audiences during lockdown

Building and maintaining relationships is more important than ever during lockdown and at Arid Zone we have been working with a number of local and global businesses to design, produce and deliver highly personalised brand packs. During this time we have discovered many ways custom brand packs can be effectively utilised for a range of audiences and marketing objectives:

  • To thank your clients, teams and customers and show your gratitude
  • Show appreciation to your staff for working from home
  • Welcome new team members
  • Celebrate major milestones and holidays
  • Support virtual events and provide sponsorship gifts
  • Stay in touch with students who are working remotely
  • Endorse product launches and marketing campaigns

“Custom product gift packs are an innovative way to connect with customers, staff, and teams working from home” Clive McCorkell, Director at Arid Zone

Popular branded gifts

  • Promotional confectionery (especially chocolate)
  • Reusable Mugs
  • Drink Bottles
  • Pens
  • Notebooks
  • Umbrellas
  • Caps
  • Personal protection items: Sanitisers and Masks

Kitting is Assembling customised products, packing and delivery services

Fulfilment services, including kitting and packaging, is the wide-ranging process of creating tailored personalised gift sets and product packages. You can select and customise specific merchandise to be kitted and delivered based on your needs and ideas, with the inclusion of personalised cards, postcards or letters, creating a unique “surprise and delight” experience for your brand.

Provided by our state-of-the-art logistics facility and warehouse, this service presents your goods in various forms of packaging with various fillers. With your choice of specific premium boxes or a regular shipping carton, you can add extras like branded packing tape or stickers to give your box that extra element of your brand.

These personalised and custom-made gift packs will help your brand differentiate itself and leave an impression on potential customers, clients and team members, while simultaneously increasing the reach of display of your logo and message. Promotional bags, for example, are a popular choice for tradeshows to create a lasting brand impression.

In addition, we store and distribute direct employee/consumer campaigns, plus patient care programme material on behalf of our clients using our state-of-the-art logistics facility.

How are Kitting packs delivered? Same Day, Road Service or Air Freight

Working hand in hand with kitting and packaging from our warehouse, we offer various methods of shipping to deliver products to your clients, team members or students working at home throughout Australia and overseas. This is managed through the ability to ship products to various locations at the same time. This process is cost and time effective by providing consolidation of goods. We will manage the shipping process with simply a list of addresses provided. Ultimately creating a smooth kitting process.

What is Personalisation?

While adding logos to merchandise can benefit your brand by creating a positive experience, it can be enhanced by personalising products with the names of individuals’ creating an intimate and unforgettable experience for clients and employees.

So, what can you personalise? Among the most popular is promotional drinkware, pens and notebooks, which provide a classy and professional look. Additionally, monogrammed drinkware helps to prevent the spread of germs by avoiding the mixing up and sharing of your personal items.

The Bostick Kitting Pack cuts through

Bostick required a product launch pack to promote their Fireban Sealants to architects at a time when COVID19 was restricting their sales team’s visits to customers. Arid Zone created a premium brand gift pack and delivered it to Bostick’s existing and new customers to provide product information and some branded gifts including an architect’s ruler. This surprise and delight campaign not only places a brand at top of mind, it also demonstrates the brands commitment to care about their customers during the lockdowns.

Now is a great time to express your appreciation to your clients and staff who are working from home and the gift packs are having a huge impact on those who receive them.

Do you need assistance to get your custom gift packs together? Get in touch with the Aridzone team on 1300 018 050