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February, 2024

Innocean and AMCS amplify ‘Voice of the Sea’ with new book and educational drive

Innocean, in collaboration with the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), has launched a new initiative as part of their ARIA-award winning campaign, ‘Voice of the Sea’.

The initiative includes a new picture book, published by Penguin Books, based on a song written by John Williamson for the AMCS. The ‘Voice of the Sea’ campaign began at the end of 2022 with the launch of Williamson’s song, aimed at creating a national anthem for the ocean and an educational platform for children. The song won the inaugural industry ARIA award for the best use of music in a campaign.

The children’s book targets teachers through Penguin and AMCS’s extensive educator databases and is accompanied by lesson plans, classroom activities and discussions designed to build a deeper affinity and love for oceans among young children and their parents. John Williamson will be touring the country in February and March and will visit bookstores during that time. The book is available for purchase now at book stores around the country and online at Penguin’s website. ‘The Voice of the Sea’ by John Williamson is published by Puffin Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House Australia.

“The oceans are in a perilous state and conservation fatigue is an ongoing challenge making it difficult to recruit new conservationists, yet, kids are the catalyst for change and our beacons of hope as they inspire parents and the wider community to engage,” Innocean Client Partner, Carolyn Cho, said.

“The book launch builds on the foundations of our playful Voice of the Sea educational platform and will continue to bring the message of ocean conservation to schools and homes across the country.”

Williamson shared his motivation for joining the campaign. “I was approached to help with a song to send a message encouraging Aussies to think about reversing the damage to our ocean life. I responded immediately and, as I was working on a love song at the time, I could see how it would fit in with the context of ‘loving the sea’. Aussies love our oceans but how have we shown that love? I am deeply concerned with the survival of all nature’s species and very proud to be involved.”

AMCS Communications Director, Imogen Scott, explained the purpose of the educational activities is twofold.

“Firstly, it’s to share the wonder of our oceans and all the incredible wildlife within them, and secondly it’s to inspire the next generation of marine conservation superheroes,” she said.