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June, 2024

Majority of marketers see AI as essential to increasing customer engagement, finds SAP Emarsys

Customer engagement platform, SAP Emarsys has unveiled new research underlining that 74% of marketers view AI as essential to increasing customer engagement in 2024.

According to the research, which was conducted by Opinion Matters on 251 marketers and 2,003 consumers in Australia, 43% of consumers support further AI integration into retail experiences.

Since the introduction of AI, 72% of marketers have observed an increase in customer loyalty, and 77% plan to increase their investment in AI.

The study comes alongside a suite of new product launches by SAP Emarsys, including omnichannel additions, enterprise enhancements, and AI-infused features.

The June product release includes AI Subject Line Generator, AI Preheader Generator, AI Product Finder, and AI Segment Generator. The AI Subject Line Generator and AI Preheader Generator are set for General Availability in July. The AI Product Finder was announced in pilot by SAP Emarsys in March, while the AI Segment Generator is entering the pilot phase this summer.

Digital Marketing Specialist at Betty Bossi, part of Coop Group, Tanja Beeler, shared her experience with the AI Subject Line Generator: “It was very easy to integrate the Subject Line Generator (SLG) into the newsletter production workflow. With the SLG, we no longer have to switch to another tool to create the subject line, we waste less time with the prompt, so we are faster and have less hassle. The subject lines generated were always helpful and could be used straight away or with minimal tweaking. We now use SLG for almost all of our campaigns and wouldn’t want to be without it!”

In addition to these AI features, the platform has introduced new channels and features including WhatsApp conversational messaging, LinkedIn Ads integration, a unified dashboard, and solution connectors and integrations.

Regional Vice President of Revenue for APJ at SAP Emarsys, Silvana Tagand, said: “Responsible, relevant, and reliable AI innovation has been a cornerstone of SAP Emarsys’ AI heritage for over a decade. We are committed to being a data-driven platform that boosts marketer intelligence to ensure the brands we work with stay head of the competition. Continuing this tradition, we’re relentlessly expanding the capabilities of our time-saving solutions, empowering marketers to foster true loyalty and create winning customer experiences.”