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July, 2019

Marketing Specialist? Learn What Australian Industry is Looking For

Are you a global marketing professional interested in bringing your experience and talents in Australia for better career opportunities? A fresh Australian marketing graduate applying for jobs in the industry? Or an organisation trying to recruit and retain high-quality global talent in the marketing industry? VETASSESS offers various skills assessment products to benefit the overall marketing industry.

VETASSESS conducts skills assessments for applicants to determine whether their skills meet the assessment criteria required by Australian workplaces for their nominated occupation. Applicants can apply for a skills assessment for their qualification only or a combination of employment and qualification depending upon their visa requirements. If successful, the applicant will be provided with a positive skills assessment outcome letter, which may be used to accompany their visa application.

Currently there are skills assessments on offer for over 300 general professional occupations, including Marketing Specialist, Advertising Specialist, and Public Relations Professional.

Marketing Specialist is one of the top occupations.

With the ever-growing marketing industry and ongoing demand of highly skilled professional, our assessment team is working hard to make the criteria for the marketing occupation more accurate and up to Australian industry standards.

The partnership between VETASSESS and AMI is ensuring that the current assessment criteria for marketing related occupations in Australia instill confidence and meet expectations for employer groups and organisations Australia-wide.

The definition for a Marketing Specialist for the purpose of our assessment criteria is someone who identifies market opportunities and advises on the development, coordination, and implementation of plans for pricing and promoting an organisation’s goods and services. The other titles we see in the industry for this occupation are marketing consultant, marketing coordinator or marketing officer. We accept specialisations in brand management, product management, campaign or category management, among others, for this occupation, as long as the expected overall skill level in marketing is demonstrated.

A marketing specialist is generally involved in supporting business growth and development through the preparation and execution of marketing objectives, policies, and programs. This is the person who is looking after the overall marketing mix.

Roles which are not considered highly relevant for the assessment of this occupation include those with an overall specific focus on sales, business development, advertising, and market research analysis.

Submissions of evidence of their qualifications and employment

As part of their skills assessment, applicants must submit evidence of their qualifications and employment. We assess the applicant’s qualifications against the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level. In some cases, additional employment may be considered if the applicant’s qualification is not in a highly relevant field for the nominated occupation.

Marketing specialist requires a qualification which is assessed as comparable to the educational level an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Bachelor or higher.  Highly relevant major fields of study include Marketing, Advertising, Business Communications or Business Management qualifications possessed by applicants with sales or marketing experience.

According to VETASSESS assessor Matthew, “A common mistake that applicants make is when they confuse the role of Marketing Specialist with that of an Advertising Specialist. Although advertising is an accepted field of study for this occupation, the employment tasks vary between the two occupations.  The role of an Advertising Specialist is devising and coordinating advertising campaigns, which encourage consumers to purchase particular goods or services. The most common titles we see in the industry for this occupation are Advertising Account Executive, Advertising Account Manager or Creative Director (Advertising).”

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Still unsure about which occupation to nominate? Explore our Skills Assessment Support (SAS) services that aim to provide additional and tailored support to applicants and agents for submitting an assessment-ready application.