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March, 2024

McDonald’s A/NZ launches ‘Surprize Fries’ promotion in collaboration with multiple agencies

McDonald’s Australia and New Zealand is set to launch a new promotion, ‘Surprize Fries’, in partnership with a host of agencies including tms, Akcelo, DDB, Creata, Digitas, Track, Mango, and OMD.

The promotion, which will run from March 13 to April 14 across both countries, offers customers the chance to win prizes with each purchase of fries.

Customers can win a range of prizes, including free food, merchandise, gift cards, and cash. Every fourth order of fries will come with a peel revealing an instant prize or a code that can be scanned with the McDonald’s app for gamified reveals.

“From Wednesday, customers can unlock the magic of the Golden Arches and enjoy even more feel-good moments with Surprize Fries. With value being so important to our customers right now, Surprize Fries is another way we are delivering on our value means more at Macca’s promise with millions of prizes up for grabs,” said Tobi Fukushima, Marketing Manager for McDonald’s Australia.

“Whether you use your Fries as a Soft Serve spoon, love to add them to your burger or enjoy them on the side, make sure you visit Macca’s and purchase a Medium or Large Fries for your chance to win!”

This is McDonald’s second largest promotion in the region, following the success of its Monopoly game. The agencies involved have each contributed to different aspects of the promotion. Tms designed the creative concept and handles digital services such as prize distribution and the back-end experience. Akcelo created the front-end digital experience in the app; DDB handles creative communications; Creata is responsible for the prize pool and ticket printing; Digitas is the CRM agency in Australia, Track manages CRM for New Zealand; Mango is the PR agency, and OMD handles media planning and buying.

“We are thrilled to launch McDonald’s new regional promotion. Surprize Fries is powered by a seamless digital experience, which makes the excitement of winning more delightful than ever for McDonald’s customers,” said Digital Client Engagement Lead at tms, Stuart Nyman.