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May, 2024

Mcdonald’s tops YouGov’s Australian Ad Awareness rankings for Q1

Market research and data analytics firm, YouGov, has unveiled its latest ad rankings, with McDonald’s leading the pack and online booking platform Trivago showing the most significant improvement.

The rankings were developed using data from the YouGov Brand Index, which tracks Brand Ad Awareness scores from 1st January to 31st March 2024.

McDonald’s emerged at the top of the list, with the highest number of consumers having seen one of their ads, scoring 55.6. Following closely behind were grocery chains Woolworths and Coles, scoring 54.7 and 52.7 respectively. These scores provide a snapshot of the brands that have successfully captured consumer attention through their advertising efforts in the first quarter of 2024.

The rankings also shed light on the brands that have shown the most improvement in their ad awareness scores compared to the previous three-month period (1st October to 31st December). Here, online booking platform Trivago took the lead, increasing its score by 7.7 points, from 11.1 to 18.8. Beauty brand L’Oréal also showed significant improvement, increasing its score by 5.8 points.

Other brands that improved their ad awareness scores include Nivea, Commonwealth Bank, and Neutrogena. These brands have evidently made strides in their advertising strategies, resulting in increased consumer awareness and, potentially, market share.

The YouGov Brand Index is a daily measure of brand perception among the public, tracking a range of metrics including brand health, brand impression, and ad awareness. The Ad Awareness score specifically measures whether a consumer has seen an advertisement from a brand in the past two weeks.

Top 10 brands with Australian ad awareness

Top 10 Improved Brands
Rank Brand Name Score Previous Score Change in Score
1 trivago 18.8 11.1 7.7
2 L’Oreal 15.6 9.7 5.8
3 Nivea 12.7 7.6 5.1
4 Commonwealth Bank (CBA) 30.3 25.3 5.0
5 Neutrogena 6.7 3.3 3.4
6 Toyota 38.5 35.2 3.3
7 Compare the Market 17.4 14.2 3.2
8 Stan 19.1 15.9 3.2
9 28.3 25.3 3.0
10 Bunnings 48.8 45.8 3.0


Rank Brand Score (%)
1 McDonald’s  


2 Woolworths 54.7
3 Coles 52.7
4 Bunnings 48.8
5 KFC 48.6
6 Chemist Warehouse 40.8
7 Aldi 38.6
8 Toyota 38.5
9 Kmart 36.5
10 Hungry Jack’s 36.3