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September, 2022

Member Profile: Amanda Vanelderen

This content is written by Amanda Vanelderen, Founder and B2B content director at WorkWords

Faxes to founder

From an after school job sorting faxes at the local newspaper, to founding a specialist B2B content and copywriting agency, I’ve lived a life in content and marketing.

My why has remained the same: clear communication changes the world. Everyone deserves to understand and be understood. As a content optimist – and forever a writer at heart – I’m ruthless about helping brands create content with purpose. Ruthless!

Creating unboring B2B is part data, part delight

It’s heart AND head in the world of Google and changing audience behaviour.

What lights me up? Finding our perfect client match of B2B brands and government agencies who understand the value of content, and share our vision for clear communication. From websites, SEO, corporate reporting, sustainability and pop-up content hubs to thought leadership series – we love a content makeover that balances data AND delight for audiences.

Getting involved with AMI

I’d looked to AMI for resources when working client side in corporate and gov marketing roles. When I started freelance copywriting 6 years ago, I wanted to ensure my past experience was giving me the credibility to stand out as a content specialist.

Since then I’ve been part of the Excellence Awards judging panel for several years, and sat on an event panel about marketing predictions… although I never *did* check if any of mine came true.

As a CPM my clients recognise I know my stuff, I’m serious about my skills, and I’m part of the leading network of Australian marketers. As I grow my agency, it’s a buzz to be supported by a community that shares and collaborates so generously.

Amanda Vanelderen
Founder & B2B Content Director at WorkWords Content