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August, 2021

Member Spotlight: Jordan Pedley

My marketing journey started in a family manufacturing business, editing brochures and managing social media whilst studying Marketing and Management at Curtin University. As I grew my knowledge at University, I took on more responsibility in the marketing department. I was promoted through 4 marketing roles in 5 years. Then, I was promoted as a Marketing Manager, a role in which I have been working for the last 3 years. As the Marketing Manager, I oversee MAX Plant and Striker, two companies that are part of the same business. In this role, I manage a team, create strategies to achieve business goals, and the normal tactical day-to-day marketing tasks like copywriting, managing adverts, and graphic design. 

Along with my career, I volunteer for Project Karma, helping them out with marketing, organising events and raising funds. I am also leading the marketing in the WA Mining Club Committee. Being a part of the AMI community has opened me up to the amazing mentoring program. My mentor Stephanie Forrest is helping me get to the next level in my career and keeping me true to my goals.  

To promote marketing professionalism, I think consistency is key! Creating a brand guideline including things like a colour pallet, logo, positioning, fonts, time frames (scheduling), and tone of voice are all very important in achieving consistency. For example, in our social media marketing, my brand guideline has helped to avoid mistakes removing bottlenecks caused by old approval processes and has increased our content, improved our engagement, and reduced the time spent on this task. Technology helps keep you consistent; use it to your advantage! I use Hootsuite for all social media scheduling and Canva for a lot of my artwork. 

Jordan Pedley
National Marketing Manager at Striker & Director of Strategic Initiatives at MAX Plant