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July, 2022

Membership Spotlight: Michelle Fifi

When thinking about what I wanted to study after finishing high school, psychology was at the top of my list. Along with being interested in human behaviour, I had been told that I possessed some of the traits of a good psychologist; I had good interpersonal skills, I was trustworthy and empathetic. I was also patient, open-minded and I’d like to think I had good ethics. I was consistent with my studies and a great listener! 

After looking at the time it would take to become a psychologist, completing a four year Bachelor in Business (Majoring in Marketing) at RMIT University seemed somewhat more appealing (and feasible) to my 18 year old self. But it wasn’t just the shorter course. Not only did I find the creativity attractive, it was the psychology involved in marketing that I wanted to hone, in an industry that, at the time, was very rapidly evolving. Appealing to people’s emotions, in a fast-moving landscape of expanding digital and cluttered markets, to drive an action, is what drew me to marketing the most. 

After graduating, I worked various jobs in events and then commercial radio, where my love for working in high-performance teams and creating unique spaces for people to enjoy grew stronger. I did this for about a year, before I was put forward for a casual role at Chapel Street Precinct. 

Five years on, I’m now the Marketing Project Manager for the largest retail precinct in Australia – Chapel Street, Melbourne. A role that works to ensure the long-term success for the iconic area, future-proofing it for over 2,200 businesses and protecting and growing the intangible brand value. 

Working in a very small team, I have found AMI’s resources have often filled the gaps and provided that extra bit of inspiration and learning. I’m passionate about the innovative ways we’re now able to reach audiences through digital marketing and AMI’s Conversion Optimisation and Digital Courses have been incredibly helpful with this. 

I was recently recognised as a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) and am humbled to have been awarded five national and state wins as part of the AMI Marketing Excellence Awards in 2020 and 2021. On the 25th November 2021, I was honoured to be named Future Leader of the Year, an award that cemented my drive to keep authenticity at the centre of my business and marketing operations, on behalf of the businesses I had represented throughout such a harrowing period. These awards not only give you an opportunity to pull apart your marketing campaigns each year and be ruthless in assessing your own KPIs, they give you a chance to appreciate what various campaigns, born of totally different industries and organisations, can look like. The Marketing Excellence events, which give you an even more intimate insight into some of Australia’s best campaigns, is another aspect I love.

My career trajectory is fuelled by my inclination for surrounding myself with senior business and marketing mentors (shout out to my trailblazing GM Chrissie Maus!) so I’m thankful for the platform AMI provides to connect with like-minded people.  

Michelle Fifi
Marketing Project Manager at Chapel Street Precinct.

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