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June, 2024

More Telecom leverages SourseAI’s ‘Atlas’ to bring MMM into the telco sector

More, an Australian provider of NBN and mobile services, has struck a strategic partnership with SourseAI, a specialist in telco AI decision intelligence. The collaboration aims to pioneer marketing mix modelling in the telco sector, with More set to utilise SourseAI’s ‘Atlas’ platform to refine its marketing strategies and bolster data-driven decision making.

Specifically, SourseAI’s ‘Atlas’ platform will allow More to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing activities and channels, deliver recommendations to optimise costs and marketing activity, and make data-informed decisions on its marketing budget allocation.

CEO of More, Andrew Branson, emphasised the importance of technology in guiding commercial decisions. “In today’s challenging economic landscape, overcoming customer-facing hurdles requires investing in technology that guides our commercial decisions, ensuring we connect with consumers at the right time,” he said.

“Gone are the days of relying solely on gut instinct; as a company, we’re dedicated to delivering campaigns and offers informed by consumer data. Collaborating with SourseAI, a team deeply versed in telco dynamics, enables us to amplify both our commercial strategies and customer-centric focus concurrently.”

The partnership is part of More’s commitment to enhancing customer experiences through machine learning, AI, and data science. In addition to its alliance with SourseAI, More maintains a strategic relationship with Commonwealth Bank (CBA), enabling integrated telco and banking customer experiences.

CEO of SourseAI, Tanya Hyams-Young, highlighted the importance of AI and machine learning in connecting all the dots and data sources to deliver impactful insights and better performance.

“In a challenging economic climate, marketers’ attempts to allocate a finite budget across a range of tactics to get the best ROI is even harder. They want to ensure they’re getting the best bang for buck, but that’s impossible without accurately identifying the influence, impact and interplay between all marketing touchpoints and tactics. Without a decision intelligence platform like Atlas, any attempt to optimise marketing spend will be misguided and likely result in lack-lustre performance.”

Hyams-Young saw machine learning and AI as the only way to connect all the dots and data sources to deliver impactful insights and deliver better performance.

“This is especially true as More operates with a complex marketing mix including traditional channels, sponsorships and affiliates, which are typically harder to understand and attribute in marketing mix modelling,” she said. “Combining More’s quality data, close agency relationships and SourseAI’s telco-specialised marketing mix modelling, we can help them truly understand the impact of all their strategies and optimising marketing spend. Ultimately this will result in better connections with customers, and more sustained business growth.”