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May, 2024

NAB, TBWAMelbourne unveil latest ‘Wrangle your Money’ spot

National Australia Bank (NAB) has collaborated with TBWAMelbourne to launch a new bookkeeping tool, ‘NAB Bookkeeper’, as part of the ‘Wrangle Your Money’ campaign.

The tool is designed to empower customers to make better financial decisions, with a focus on aiding small businesses in streamlining and simplifying their finances.

NAB Bookkeeper offers features such as accounting, invoicing, and tax calculation, with plans to add payroll and expense management functionality in the future.

The brand strategy and national campaign for the launch were developed by TBWAMelbourne, including in-house production. The campaign features a 30-second spot showcasing a business owner using NAB Bookkeeper to manage a pile of receipts and invoices.

The media strategy for the campaign, delivered by Mindshare, includes running the campaign across connected TV, social media, and online video platforms in Australia.

NAB Executive, Marketing for the Business & Private Bank, Elly Bloom, said: “We’re excited to share our next chapter of the ‘Wrangle Your Money’ campaign. NAB Bookkeeper isn’t just a product – it’s a reflection of our ongoing commitment to providing tailored, digital support and tools that empower our business customers. TBWA has captured the essence of this beautifully in the wild world we know our customers operate in.”

Executive Creative Director at TBWAMelbourne, Matthew Stoddart, said: “Small business owners are usually portrayed as in control, but the reality of running a business is far from orderly, and the risk of their receipts turning into paper snakes is a daily fear. The new campaign helps vanquish that problem and puts business owners back in control with the help from NAB. It was a lot of fun.”