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May, 2024

National Breast Cancer Foundation recruits Futurebrand Australia for new brand strategy

The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), Australia’s leading not-for-profit organisation funding breast cancer research, has teamed up with FutureBrand Australia to develop a new brand strategy.

The strategy aims to support the Foundation’s vision of Zero Deaths from breast cancer. Since 1994, NBCF has invested over $200 million into more than 600 research projects across Australia, reducing the death rate from breast cancer by over 40%.

The new brand strategy will inform and inspire all future marketing, communications and digital initiatives. It is one of three foundational strategies, alongside Research and Fundraising, that will enable the Foundation to realise its Zero Deaths vision. FutureBrand worked collaboratively across the whole organisation through interviews, co-creation sessions and an employee survey. The strategy extends to identify the strategic roadmap for implementation, from brand architecture to brand identity, brand experience, brand training and beyond.

“We wanted to ensure that the new brand definition incorporated our values, as they are lived and experienced internally, so that the whole organisation speaks with a powerful and consistent voice driven by an inspiring brand idea,” said Andrew Bachelard, Director of Digital Technology of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. “A distinctive and compelling brand is essential to help us fund more world-class research towards our vision of Zero Deaths from breast cancer.”

FutureBrand Australia, a brand transformation company for business leaders, is B Corp Certified and has been locally owned since July 2020, when CEO Rich Curtis acquired the business from Interpublic Group.

“When you work with an organisation with as strong a purpose as the National Breast Cancer Foundation, it becomes all the more important that it shows up in the everyday experience. That’s been our focus for engaging with people across the organisation, marketers and non-marketers alike, to develop a revitalised brand strategy that is credible in how it aligns with the Foundation’s values – and incredible in how it enables those values to be even more impactful, both inside and out,” Curtis said.

The NBCF started the rollout of the brand strategy earlier this year as part of its 30th anniversary. This work is one of FutureBrand Australia’s pro bono commitments designed to help Not-For-Profit organisations leverage their brand more effectively.