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May, 2024

NielsenIQ unveils ‘NIQ Ask Arthur’: a GenAI-powered tool for streamlined data analysis

NielsenIQ (NIQ) has launched an AI-based tool, ‘NIQ Ask Arthur’, which has been integrated into NIQ Discover. The tool offers AI-guided global search and personalised recommendations, aiming to streamline data analysis and facilitate informed decision-making. The development of ‘NIQ Ask Arthur’ has been led by NIQ Labs, the innovation arm of NIQ.

The tool utilises conversational AI features to allow users to delve deeper into datasets. NIQ Discover is a data visualisation solution that accelerates access to insights for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers. ‘NIQ Ask Arthur’ in NIQ Discover enables enhanced insight discovery, allowing users to uncover valuable information, trends, and patterns.

Troy Treangen, Chief Product Officer at NIQ, commented on the launch, “The vision of leveraging AI to assist in data analysis and storytelling is incredibly powerful. Democratising access to data and analytics is crucial in helping users make informed decisions and drive innovation. ‘NIQ Ask Arthur’ unlocks the power of analytics on the Discover platform.”

The user base of the NIQ Discover platform has grown from 2,500 users in January 2023 to 40,000 across 71 countries today. This growth indicates a significant increase in the adoption of data-driven decision-making tools in the CPG and retail sectors.

NIQ is a global consumer intelligence company that merged with GfK in 2023. It operates in over 95 countries, representing 97% of the world’s GDP. The introduction of ‘NIQ Ask Arthur’ reflects the company’s commitment to leveraging AI to enhance data analysis and decision-making capabilities for its users.