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March, 2024

Over half of Australian consumers will switch brands over poor digital experience, reveals Publicis Sapient survey

A new survey by Publicis Sapient has found 53% of Australian consumers would consider switching brands if they were unsatisfied with their digital commerce experience.

The ‘Publicis Sapient Digital Commerce Survey 2024’ was conducted by YouGov and included over 7,600 participants from Australia, France, Germany, the UK, and the US. The survey covered digital commerce experiences across various industries, including banking and financial services, retail, consumer products, travel and hospitality, insurance, and healthcare.

Australian respondents were found to be on par with the global average of users who’d switch if they found a poor experience, but lower than the UK (59%). Globally, 19% would not return as often to a site for the same reason.

The survey revealed Australian consumers showed the highest satisfaction with digital commerce in healthcare at 43% against the lowest scores in the UK (26%). Meanwhile, it was banking and finance surprisingly seen to provide the best positive experience across categories. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of Australian consumers were satisfied with their digital commerce experience in banking and finance, above the global average of 58%. Finance surpassed retail (53%) and consumer products (46%) while healthcare showed the lowest level of satisfaction globally, with only 32% of consumers satisfied with their digital experiences.

More than half (56%) of consumers across older generations, millennials, Gen X, and boomers are willing to switch brands due to dissatisfaction with digital commerce, proving themselves to be the most likely switchers.

The report offered a number of sector-specific insights as well on what consumers want in digital experiences. In the consumer products sector, 77% of consumers want greater detail about products while in banking, 76% of consumers want an intuitive, customised user interface. similarly in insurance, 75% of consumers want to control, adjust and customise their insurance coverage. In finance, 71% of consumers want more personalised experiences and tools based on their financial goals.

The same tailoring and personalisation can be seen in many other categories. In automotive, 74% of consumers want to self-select the features and functions in their vehicles. In travel and hospitality, 71% of consumers want personalised recommendations of places and activities. In healthcare, 68% of consumers want customised experiences based on their patient data, demographics, personal health goals and preferences. In retail, 67% of consumers want more personalised interactions and real-time recommendations when shopping.

“The Publicis Sapient Digital Commerce Survey 2024 reinforces the need for brands to offer personalisation and optimise their customer experience. When Australians are dissatisfied with their digital commerce experience, it affects their loyalty to a brand – with 53% open to switching to another brand,” said Chief Technology Officer – Australia, Publicis Sapient, John Costello.

“Consumers are vocal about what they want: clearer content, more intuitive interfaces, better recommendations and more personalised interactions. Businesses and brands must take action now and reimagine how they can transform digital commerce experiences to delight consumers, inspire loyalty, attract new buyers and drive customer lifetime value.”