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November, 2017

Roll of honour for longstanding members – December 2017

By: admin

We’re proud to build a strong community of marketers who dedicated to their continuing professional growth and we would like to honour longstanding members of the Institute for their ongoing support and contributions!

Below is the list of AMI Members who celebrate  their “milestone” membership anniversary in 2017.  We are thankful to have a strong, growing membership and we’d like to acknowledge those members who have made a commitment to supporting the Institute.

50 years

  • John Alderton FAMI CPM, VIC
  • John Lord FAMI CPM, H Lord & Son Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Vance Vidovic FAMI CPM, VIC

45 years

  • Rev. Darrell McKerlie FAMI CPM, VIC
  • Peter Gibbs FAMI CPM, Peter Gibbs Stockfeeds Pty Ltd, VIC

35 years

  • Paul Blanket FAMI CPM, First Impressions, NSW
  • Prof. Geoffrey Kiel FAMI CPM, Effective Governance, QLD
  • David Murphy FAMI CPM, Minelab Electronics Pty Ltd, SA
  • John Berman FAMI CPM, WAM Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Philip Hayes FAMI CPM, Telstra Business Systems, VIC

30 years

  • Henry Rodden FAMI CPM, NSW
  • Kathryn Ossipoff FAMI CPM, Mission Australia, NSW
  • Jeremy Ryland FAMI CPM, GJR Pty Ltd, QLD
  • Trevor Morris FAMI CPM, Kenbrock Flooring Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Graham Annells FAMI CPM, Bendigo Bank, VIC
  • Timothy Wight Le Rossignol FAMI CPM, WL Gore and Assocates, INT
  • Gordon Wearing-Smith FAMI CPM, Really Clever Marketing, VIC

25 years

  • Andrew Bowcher AMAMI, RSM Bird Cameron Partners, NSW
  • Don Howell FAMI, SA
  • Stuart Spence FAMI CPM, Australian Corporate Consulting P/l, VIC
  • Mark Engel FAMI CPM, La Trobe University, VIC
  • Jacqui Price FAMI CPM, Mission Consulting, QLD
  • Gerard Raymond FAMI CPM, IDS Group, INT
  • Philip Whittaker FAMI CPM, Themed Attractions and Resorts, INT
  • Dearne Cameron FAMI CPM, Integrated Comms Pty Ltd (Optus), NSW
  • Julian De Meyrick FAMI CPM, Sydney TAFE, NSW
  • Monique Belousoff FAMI CPM, Queensland Emergency Medicine Research Foundation, QLD
  • Benjamin Tucker FAMI CPM, Sunripe Packers Pty Ltd, SA
  • Roger Powell FAMI CPM, WhiteSpaces Management and Marketing, VIC
  • Kenneth Roberts FAMI CPM, Forethought, VIC

20 years

  • Deborah Kirkwood FAMI, Transport and Main Roads, NSW
  • John Power FAMI CPM, Batlow Fruit Co-operative, NSW
  • Ann Sanfey FAMI, Home Timber & Hardware Group, VIC
  • Leonardo Montagnese FAMI, LSM Management Consultants, VIC
  • Michael Abbott FAMI CPM, Energy Super, QLD
  • Peter Barker FAMI CPM, QLD
  • Melanie De Souza FAMI, VIC
  • Michael Lawrence FAMI, Alexander Brands Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Brian Mitchell FAMI CPM, Bravura Solutions Ltd, NSW
  • Nicola Reynolds FAMI CPM, Benetas, VIC
  • George Zdanowicz FAMI, Enhance Research, QLD

15 years

  • Jo Thomas FAMI, ATO, ACT
  • Kwan Keung Ng FAMI CPM, Winner Good International Limited, INT
  • Phil Von Behr FAMI CPM, Aristocrat Leisure Limited, NSW
  • Fleur Edwards FAMI CPM, NSW
  • Hugh Pattinson FAMI CPM, University of Western Sydney, NSW
  • Jessie Wong FAMI, Multicultural Marketing & Management, NSW
  • Jason Mitchell FAMI, Philmac Pty Ltd, SA
  • Peter Burns FAMI, Bulls Eye Mining, SA
  • Kym Vercoe FAMI CPM, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, INT
  • Brian Goldberg FAMI CPM, Premier IP Ventures, VIC
  • Richard Gerathy FAMI CPM, Activation Marketing, VIC
  • Anne Lee-Archer FAMI CPM, 8VA Marketing, QLD
  • Jo Willoughby AMAMI CPM, VIC
  • Paul White AMAMI, White Marketing Design, VIC
  • Nicole Stegemann FAMI CPM, University of Western Sydney, NSW
  • Steven Fontanot FAMI, Havas, NSW
  • Morena Melograna-Bernleitner FAMI, Melograna Business Services Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Mark Brown FAMI, University of Queensland, QLD

10 years

  • Karen Cigna FAMI, Puratos Australia New Zealand, NSW
  • Nicole Rety FAMI CPM, NRDM, QLD
  • Megan Walker FAMI CPM, Market Savvy Pty Ltd, QLD
  • Narelle Lancaster FAMI CPM, VIC
  • Katherine Oakley FAMI CPM, Knox City Council, VIC
  • Jason Woodhouse FAMI CPM, Bill Express, VIC
  • Alison Milfull FAMI CPM, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, VIC
  • Danny McDonald FAMI CPM, Danny McDonald Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Rene LeMerle FAMI, Bonfire, WA
  • Alison Downey, Aquent, NSW
  • Lee-Anne Bellis FAMI, St. John of God Hospital, VIC
  • Bryan Lukas FAMI CPM, University of Melbourne, VIC
  • Simon Lang FAMI, Simon Lang Wines, SA
  • Craig McCarthy FAMI, JLL, NSW
  • Elisa Hay AMAMI, Eden Brae Homes, NSW
  • Jane Johnston FAMI CPM, The University of Adelaide, SA
  • Jim Parry FAMI, So-Brand, VIC
  • Wendy Gleeson FAMI CPM, ReNew Group Pty Ltd, QLD
  • Emily Hamilton FAMI CPM, GOTAFE, VIC
  • Elra Gerritsen FAMI, Louis Berger, INT
  • Mandeep Grover FAMI CPM, Johnson & Johnson, INT
  • Chris White FAMI, Visit Victoria Limited, VIC
  • Gary Power FAMI CPM, ISentia, VIC
  • Leah Grinter FAMI CPM, Brindle Marketing, VIC
  • Laura de Lacy FAMI CPM, Cyberstart Tradie, SA
  • Sharon Kaproulias FAMI CPM, Aurora Energy Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Marthin Nanere FAMI CPM, La Trobe University-Bendigo, VIC
  • Ann Combe FAMI CPM, NT
  • Tracy Constable FAMI, Department of Industry Innovation & Science, QLD\
  • Daniel Roller FAMI, Deriac Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Adam Forsyth FAMI, Fronsac Group Pty Ltd, QLD