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June, 2018

Roll of honour for members – June 2018

We’re proud to build a strong community of marketers who dedicated to their continuing professional growth and we would like to honour longstanding members of the Institute for their ongoing support and contributions!

Below is the list of AMI Members who celebrate  their “milestone” membership anniversary in 2018.  We are thankful to have a strong, growing membership and we’d like to acknowledge those members who have made a commitment to supporting the Institute.


45 years

Mr Bernard Capicchiano FAMI CPM, Bernies Music Land


35 years

Lord Gerard Newcombe FAMI CPM, Group Colleges Australia

Mr Ron Dent FAMI CPM, Faceworks Marketing Solutions


30 years

Mr Michael Gardiner FAMI CPM, University Of Southern Queensland, Faculty of Business, Education, Law and Arts,

Mr Peter Helm FAMI CPM, Peter A Helm Registered Conveyancing

Mr Spiro Mandylas FAMI CPM, APMRG

Hon Christopher Pearce FAMI CPM

Mr Wooi Tan FAMI, Vital Factor Consulting

Dr. Ross Cameron FAMI CPM, LZR Pty Ltd

Mr Kwok Ying Li FAMI CPM, Lamsoon (HK) Ltd

Mr Robert Lloyd FAMI CPM, Australian Industry Group

Mr Fabian  McKenna AFAMI  CPM

Mr Andrew Thornton AFAMI MAICD CPM, The Customer Edge


25 years

Mr Stuart Lee FAMI, Telstra Corporation Limited

Mr Russell Mitchell FAMI CPM Market Management


20 years

Mr Trevor Juniper FAMI

Mr Alan Green FAMI CPM,  Asaleocare

Ms Jeanne Zweck FAMI CPM, Mint Marketing & Communications

Dr Pandora Kay FAMI CPM Deakin University

Mr Iggy Pintado FAMI CPM

Dr Romana Garma FAMI CPM, Victoria University

Ms Melanie McMillan FAMI CPM The Brand Business Pty Ltd

Ms. Ailsa Page FAMI CPM AP Marketing Works

Mr Hunter Leonard FAMI CPM BlueFrog Marketing

Mrs Margo Bastow FAMI CPM, Santa Maria College

Mr Stephen Gregory FAMI CPM Navy Canteens

Ms Christina Hanks FAMI CPM

Mr Derek McIntyre FAMI Northern Inland Credit Union

Mr Tony Chapman FAMI CPM Chapman & Associates

Ms Glenda Heywood AMAMI

Mr David Bickett FAMI CPM Mind Fusion

Mr John Thompson FAMI CPM Mitchell & Partners

Mr Peter Jeffery FAMI

Ms Elaine Davoren FAMI

Mr Mark Anning FAMI CPM

Mrs Bronwyn Muir FAMI CPM Australian Cancer Research Foundation

Mrs Elaine Muir FAMI CPM Fervidus

Mr Sean Grant FAMI CPM Healthe Care

Miss Sue Jackson FAMI CPM Solterbeck

Ms Sandra Beanham FAMI Sandra Beanham & Associates

Mr David Turney FAMI CPM

Mr Paul Nelson FAMI CPM Brand Matters Pty Ltd


15 years

Mr Gordon Whitehead FAMI CPM

Ms Alison Martin FAMI CPM


Ms Liliana Montague FAMI CPM Spinal Life Australia

Ms Lidia Bufalino FAMI CPM Computershare Australia

Mr Stephen Balch FAMI CPM Steve Balch Consultants

Mr Craig Hingston FAMI CPM Your Image Marketing & Media

Ms Seona Wallace AMAMI HealthOne

Mr Lindsay Hosking FAMI CPM Tax Affair Pty Ltd

Ms Kate Nolan FAMI CPM Department of Planning and Community Development

Mr Reg Woodleigh FAMI CPM Prostate & Breast Cancer Foundation

Mr Terrence Cummins FAMI CPM Terrence Cummins International Business Coaching & Consultancy

Mr Steven Guo FAMI CPM Australia Apex Develoment Group Pty Ltd

Ms Lena Lee AMAMI CPM MSD Australia

Mrs Julie Smith-Massara  FAMI JIPI Pty Ltd

Ms Julie-Anne Scott FAMI CPM Board of Studies

Mr Edward Zia FAMI CPM Excellence Above Coaching

Ms Christina Pery FAMI CPM The Central and North West Queensland Medicare Local

Mr Sam White FAMI CPM Philip Morris

Mr Neil Anderson  FAMI CPM  Neil Anderson

Ms Irene Stokes FAMI CPM Barokes Wines

Dr Valos FAMI CPMDeakin University

Mrs Karen Thompson FAMI CPM People2People

Ms Trina Mangels AMAMI CPM Willie Smiths

Mr Chris Curtis FAMI CPM Pearson VUE

Ms Bernadette Dennis FAMI CPM BD Concepts Pty Ltd


10 years

Ms Tamara Crathan FAMI CPM Central Queensland University

Ms Sara Salter FAMI CPM The Saltmine Design Group

Ms Antoinette Fiumara FAMI CPM Dept Education, Employment & Workplace Relations

Mrs Tracey Foster FAMI CPM Hansen Technology

Mr Chenobu Thong FAMI  CPM Hewlett Packard Australia Pty Ltd

Mr Donato Deieso  FAMI  Tafe SA-Adelaide North

Mr Darren Le  FAMI CPM Market Creations Pty Ltd

Ms Heather Gyton Carroll FAMI CPM Perpetual

Mr Matthew Lees FAMI CPM Workskil Australia

Mr Andrew Ross FAMI CPM Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority

Mr Brent Van Den Berg FAMI CPM Device Technologies Australasia

Mr Esh Ediriweera FAMI CPM Murray Goulburn

Ms Marissa Candy FAMI CPM The Marketing Factory

Mr Chris  Mayo FAMI CPM TJM Australia

Ms Michelle Hocking FAMI CPM Royal Horticultural & Agricultural Society

Assoc. Penelope Frow FAMI CPM The University of Sydney Business School

Ms Bettina Leate FAMI The University of Sydney Business School

Dr Rohan Miller FAMI CPM The University of Sydney Business School

Dr Ulku Yuksel FAMI CPMThe University of Sydney Business School

Mr Ben Earl AMAMI MAB Corporation Pty Ltd

Ms Nicole Maundrell FAMI Hooked on Marketing

Ms Eveline Van’t Foort FAMI CPM Wired for Business Growth

Ms Wendy Hughes FAMI CPM MSF Sugar

Ms Renee Taylor FAMI CPM RGL Forensic Accountants & Consultants

Prof Terry Beed FAMI CPM The University of Sydney Business School

Prof Donnel Briley FAMI CPM The University of Sydney Business School

Assoc. Marylouise Caldwell FAMI CPM The University of Sydney Business School

Assoc. Teresa Davis FAMI CPM The University of Sydney Business School

Assoc. Paul Henry FAMI CPM The University of Sydney Business School

Dr Steven Lu FAMI  The University of Sydney Business School

Dr Vanessa Quintal FAMI CPM Curtin University

Dr Ranjit Voola FAMI CPM The University of Sydney Business School

Dr Jeaney Yip FAMI CPM The University of Sydney Business School

Mr Craig  Fairweather  AMAMI Australian Sports Commission

Mr Tim Connell FAMI CPM 3M Australia & New Zealand

Miss Marta James AMAMI Melbourne Airport

Miss Anna Chen FAMI CPM Weir Minerals

Mr Sam McOrist FAMI CPM Scope

Ms Edwina Ellicott FAMI CPM University of Wollongong

Ms Margaret Burke FAMI CPM Monash University

Miss Sophie Panigirakis FAMI CPM Linfox

Miss Maria Anderson FAMI CPM Sustainable Marketing Services Australia

Dr Nicholas McClaren FAMI CPM Deakin University

Dr Michael Polonsky FAMI CPM Deakin University

Dr Jeffrey Lim FAMI The University of Sydney Business School

Mr Mark Cario FAMI CPM University of Technology Sydney

Mr Shane McKernan FAMI Stockland Property Group

Mr Troy Vandermeer AMAMI CPM Star Hotels Group

Mr Scott Medding FAMI CPM Ego Pharmaceuticals

Ms Michelle Brooks AFAMI CPM Cookie Dough Research & Marketing

Mr Timothy Sillcock FAMI CPM Group One Business Solutions / Group One Training

Prof Mike Ewing FAMI CPM Deakin University

Mr Andrew Gillies AMAMI ActewAGL

Ms Di  Erlichman FAMI CPM Annecto Incorporated


5 Years

Mrs Helen Rogers AMAMI Amazon Web Services

Mr John Speers AMAMI CPM JimJam Ideas

Ms Marie Logan Skrodzki AMAMI Nexia Edwards Marshall

Mr Kharisma Kharisma AMAMI CPM Telkom Australia

Mr Andy Galbally AMAMI Chilli Promotions

Ms Susie Hambleton AMAMI CPM Beckon Pty Ltd

Ms Elinor Graham AMAMI

Mr Luke Muller AMAMI National Transport Insurance

Mr Michael Smith AMAMI Ethical Consulting Services

Mr Rushan Madapathage AMAMI CPM Lassana Flora Ltd

Mr Mark Blacker AMAMI CPM

Mr David Veteha AMAMI Baldwin Filters

Ms Angela Micic AMAMI Firestarter Marketing

Dr Munyaradzi Nyadzayo AMAMI CPM University of Wollongong in Dubai

Miss Heylee Menzies AMAMI QSuper Group

Ms Willow Hart AMAMI Harthaus Creative

Mrs Kirsten Romanin AMAMI CPM

Ms Christine Coates AMAMI Providence Property Group

Mrs Stephanie (Giau) Tran AMAMI Boileau Business Technology

Mr Timothy Dugan  AMAMI CPM    Marketim

Ms Kristy Bailey AMAMI CPM One Eighty Marketing

Ms Kirsty Simmonds AMAMI CPM Kirsty Simmonds

Mrs Justine Dredge AMAMI CPM

Mr Stephen Davis AMAMI CPM  Baker Marketing

Mrs Celina Farrell AMAMI CPM Woolworths

Mr Phillip Smith AMAMI CPM Apparent Communications P/L

Ms Caitlin Patterson AMAMI CPM National Tiles

Mrs Sara Howard AMAMI Writers Australia

Ms Diana Jones AMAMI CPM

Ms Helaine Stanley AMAMI 226 Strategic

Mr Andrew Potter AMAMI CPM Australia

Ms Chiara Kyte AMAMI CPM Pharmacy 777

Mrs Hayley Scott AMAMI  John Deere Limited

Mrs Cassandra Leigh AMAMI  Hydro Tasmania

Ms Kerry Riordan AMAMI CPM Russell Kennedy Pty Ltd

Mr Thomas Donohue AMAMI CPM University of Newcastle

Ms Sallyanne Freund AMAMI People’s Choice Credit Union (Mutual Marketplace)

Mrs Louise  Magor  AMAMI People’s Choice Credit Union (Mutual Marketplace)

Mr Daniel  Schuitemaker AMAMI People’s Choice Credit Union (Mutual Marketplace)

Miss Sara Gonzalez  AMAMI CPM Simple Technology Pty Ltd

Mrs Joanne Davidson AMAMI  South Australia Tourism Commission

Mrs Doris Gambiraza AMAMI CPM City of Charles Sturt

Ms Rachael Wass AMAMI CPM Hollister Inc

Mrs Maria Fileman   AMAMI CPM Rigani

Miss Taryn Morais AMAMI CPM Philip Morris Australia

Mr Alex Spillett AMAMI CPM Apogi

Ms Debbie Bond AMAMI Bond Creative Content

Ms Sachelle Barrand AMAMI Ego Pharmaceuticals

Ms Toni Firth AMAMI  Silver Chef Ltd

Miss Alana Hesse AMAMI Silver Chef Ltd

Ms Joanna McErvale AMAMI Word To The Wise

Mr Nick Winbanks AMAMI

Mr Garry Wynne AMAMI Teachers Mutual Bank

Mr Troy Justice AMAMI Arch Wood Protection (Aust) Pty Ltd

Mrs Alison Bock AMAMI CPM Queensland Health

Ms Bridget James AMAMI CPM

Mr Lindsay Ellis AMAMI Golf Queensland

Mrs Tania Farrelly AMAMI  ISPY Communication Research & Strategy

Ms Susan McKindlay AMAMI

Ms Michelle Howe AMAMI  Australian Bureau of Statistics

Ms Fiona McCaul AMAMI CPM The Marketing Pod

Ms Fiona Kurtz AMAMI IRT Group