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February, 2024

Salesforce and Akcelo launch ‘Waild west saloon’ to demystify AI

Salesforce, in partnership with agency Akcelo, has launched a free interactive AI experience called ‘WAILD West Saloon’ at Waterman’s Cove in Barangaroo, Sydney. The pop-up installation, open daily from 11am-7pm from Tuesday 6th to Thursday 8th February 2024, is designed to encourage Australians to ask the right questions about AI and understand its potential.

The experience includes AI-powered activities such as bartenders serving bespoke mocktails, saloon music with a twist, and a ‘Bank Vault’ housing a pile of gold ‘data’ bars. The installation is part of Salesforce’s global brand campaign featuring Matthew McConaughey.

“Companies around the world are so excited to see what AI can bring to their businesses, however, most are still rushing into it blindly. With so much still unknown, the WAILD West Saloon installation has been created to help Australians ask the right questions so that we can unlock the full potential of AI without compromising on safety and trust,” said Leandro Perez, CMO for Salesforce APAC.