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May, 2024

Samsung and CHEP Network merge gaming and everyday life in ‘Clash of Commuters’ Fortnite campaign

Samsung Electronics Australia, in collaboration with CHEP Network and Livewire, has launched ‘Clash of Commuters’, a gaming marketing campaign that blends the virtual world of gaming with the everyday experiences of Australian commuters on Fortnite Creative.

The campaign is designed to celebrate the rise of on-the-go gaming and showcase the capabilities of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which contains its most advanced chip so far. Recent research conducted by Samsung Electronics Australia revealed 48% of Australian gamers are using smartphones as their primary gaming device.

Through the ‘Clash of Commuters’ campaign, players can embark on an adventure in Fortnite Creative from 2 May to 30 May 2024.

With players playing for over 38 minutes on average, the experience created by Gamefam, sees players protecting a public transport bus as it meanders through a dystopian Australian commuter landscape. Under the watchful eye of bin chickens, players must clear roadblocks, fight off coffee-starved commuters for their chance to win. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra devices will be hidden throughout the map, with players able to unlock special bonuses IRL if they find them.

The player who completes all five rounds of the ‘Clash of Commuters’ campaign in the shortest amount of time will be eligible to win a Samsung gaming pack worth over AUD$8000. Additional prize packs are available for the fastest player to complete the campaign on a mobile device, the most side quest phones acquired, and four winners drawn at random from all completed time submissions.

“At Samsung we’re committed to improving customer experience through product innovation with industry leading devices like the Galaxy S24 Ultra with Galaxy AI, and our approach to marketing is no different. We’re proud to collaborate with industry leaders to create Clash of Commuters, an interactive mobile experience for Australians that goes beyond the traditional home gaming setup,” said Head of Mobile eXperience, Samsung Electronics Australia, Eric Chou.

Samsung and CHEP Network will utilise out-of-home advertising targeting commuters during their daily commute. Interactive experiences in Sydney and Melbourne will allow local commuters to immerse themselves in the competition. The campaign will also gain attention through some of Australia’s biggest gamers such as Lachlan, Loserfruit, Crayator and Cynical Sakura as well as sporting personas such as Rob Whittaker and Mitch Robinson.

“As more and more people turn to gaming on their commute, we saw an opportunity to create a campaign that better represents them. To find a true legend in the mobile gaming realm, the game needs to exist in the realm where mobile gaming is played. It needs potholes, it needs distractions and cramped spaces, and perhaps even an element of motion sickness,” said Executive Creative Director at CHEP Network, Paul Meates.

Livewire, a global gaming marketing company established in 2019 as the first professional Roblox developer, Gamefam, has now become the largest and most successful metaverse media company.