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February, 2024

San Remo’s stirs up new campaign With Emotive to combat rising competition

San Remo has unveiled a fresh campaign via independent creative agency Emotive. This marks the first significant work since the 88-year-old, fourth-generation family-owned business appointed Emotive in February 2023.

The campaign is a revamp of San Remo’s 23-year-old ‘We’re Family’ brand platform and is a strategic response to the increasing competition from rice, noodle products, and emerging low-cost pasta brands. The new campaign ad features a disconnected and distracted family brought together by a mouth-watering pasta dinner. The narrative is designed to tell a timeless truth in a new way, aiming to target a mass audience, including light and non-buyers, and remind Australians of their love for San Remo.

“When you’re lucky enough to have the same brand platform for 20-plus years, you don’t want to rip up everything and start again. But we did want to remind Australians why they love San Remo. Emotive understood immediately, delivering a timeless truth, told in a new way, targeting a mass audience including light and non-buyers. It’s classic brand building,” said San Remo Marketing Manager Hugh McIntosh.

The campaign is a clever move to counteract the rising competition in the market. It capitalises on the universal appeal of a shared meal and the power of food to bring people together. The ad’s concept is relatable, especially in today’s fast-paced, screen-filled world where getting the family around the dinner table can be a challenge.

“Getting the family around the dinner table is far from easy in our hectic screen-filled worlds. One thing that can help is sticking a big bowl of something tasty in the middle of it and watch as the hungry come running. Or in this case, watching as they get magically pulled together by the allure of a delicious bowl of San Remo pasta,” said Group Creative Director at Emotive, Darren Wright.

The campaign will be live across March and will run in Broadcast, Cinema, OOH, YouTube, Social and Digital channels. It’s a comprehensive strategy that aims to reach a broad audience and reinforce San Remo’s position in the market.