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April, 2024

SodaStream’s Earth Day celebration: A new sustainable sparkling water maker

SodaStream, the self-proclaimed ‘#1 sparkling water brand’ globally, is marking Earth Day with a sustainable update to its top-selling sparkling water maker, the Terra, which now features an outer shell crafted from 50% recycled materials.

This initiative is part of SodaStream’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, which includes its reusable bottles and CO2 closed-loop system. The company said through strategic partnerships, product innovations, and a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility, it’s looking to continue leading the charge in reducing environmental impact and empowering individuals to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

In 2023, SodaStream claims to have eliminated 5 billion single-use plastic bottles due to consumers choosing their product over traditional bottled beverages. SodaStream’s PepsiCo flavour bottles are made from 100% rPET, further reducing the brand’s environmental footprint.

“At SodaStream, sustainability is not just a goal; it’s a commitment woven into the fabric of everything we do,” said SodaStream Australia Marketing Manager, Holly Walker. “Our vision is to change the way the world drinks by inspiring to Push for Better. In 2023, our commitment materialized in the elimination of 5 billion single-use plastic bottles, a direct result of consumers choosing SodaStream.”

SodaStream’s PepsiCo flavour bottles are already made from 100% rPET. “We are excited to unveil the latest Terra machine, made of 50% recycled materials, offering another eco-friendly beverage solution. As we celebrate Earth Day, we invite customers to join us on our journey towards a greener future, one bubble at a time,” Walker said.

SodaStream Australia has been partnered with Clean Up Australia (CUA) for over seven years. The world currently generates around 600 billion plastic bottles, amounting to approximately 25 million tonnes of plastic waste. UNEP figures show less than 10% of global plastic waste is being recycled, while Ipsos research has found 75% of people globally advocate for a complete ban on such products.

“The recent United Nations Bottled Water report highlighted that the world generates an alarming 25 million tonnes of plastic waste from plastic bottles” said Chair of Clean Up Australia, Pip Kiernan. “We are so proud to be partnered with organisations such as SodaStream who, along with its consumers across the world, have helped save 5.5 billion single-use plastic bottles in the past 12 months.”

In 2023, the consumption of carbonated drinks by SodaStream consumers was equivalent to approximately 5.5 billion single-use plastic bottles (excluding cap and sleeve).