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December, 2023

Webinar: Strategic Networking

Is Your Networking Just a Catch-Up Over Wine? Stop Wasting Your Time Networking! Learn networking fundamentals and how to measure your success.

Networking for your business shouldn’t be a waste of your valuable time. With a few tweaks in your preparation and in your approach, you can make a tremendous improvement in the results you get from the networking you do. In this webinar, Wendy Lloyd Curley, founder of Strategic Networking Pty Ltd, will share 10 top tips to help uncomfortable networkers become comfortable and inefficient networkers get results.

Topics Covered:
  • How should brands and leaders communicate with their stakeholders to foster inclusion and create belonging?
  • The purpose of networking
  • The difference between networking and sales
  • How to turn small talk into smart talk
  • What networking success looks like
  • Making good choices in where to spend your time
  • Why meeting competitors is a good thing
  • How to make people say “wow” when they meet you

Most professional services and B2B businesses use some form of networking to develop leads and grow their revenues. Unless you’re in FMCG, you know that referrals and word of mouth recommendations are the best way to build your business. Unfortunately, few people use proven networking strategies to get better results. This webinar will provide you will 10 tips that you can use immediately in your networking. You’ll get better results and expand your network in ways you probably haven’t considered before. Strategic Networking will help you in your career and your business collaborations. Sharing Strategic Networking skills will also enable the sales teams you support to more effective when they are networking. The goal is more profit for your business, and Strategic Networking will help.

Wendy Lloyd Curley
Founder Strategic Networking Pty Ltd

The American accent will fool you, but Wendy Lloyd Curley is a proud Australian who calls inner west Sydney home. She is the founder and Director of Strategic Networking and Executive Director and Franchise Owner of BNI Sydney North East and the author of the Amazon Best Selling book, Stop Wasting Your Time Networking: The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Business Through Personal Connections.

Wendy started her working life in the hospitality industry, returned to university studies to earn an MBA and a Master of International Management, spent over a decade in the telecommunications industry, primarily in strategic marketing, and then started her own music marketing business in 2005. After 3 years running that business, she moved full time into a network marketing business with PartyLite which she grew into a multi-million-dollar business and was known throughout her network as Wendy the Candle Lady.

In 2020, Wendy decided to turn her natural networking, training, and presentation skills into a business that solves a big problem for business owners: not getting results from their business networking. To solve that problem, she launched a consultancy and training company called Strategic Networking and became a Franchise Owner and Executive Director in BNI.

At every opportunity, Wendy also performs as a singer and guitar player in several bands, most notably, The Bell, an acoustic trio.

She and Alan, her husband of 33 years, live and play in Sydney with their adorable guard dog Dinkum – a golden retriever poodle with a little neurosis for visitors.


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