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January, 2024

Subway ANZ unveils 'Eat fresh. feel good.' brand platform and ambitious 'sub-hoppers' campaign

Subway ANZ has launched a new brand platform for 2024, dubbed ‘Eat Fresh. Feel Good.’

This platform is an evolution of Subway’s iconic ‘Eat Fresh’ philosophy and is described by Rodica Titeica, Subway Director of Marketing for Australia and New Zealand, as their ‘north star’ for 2024. The platform represents Subway’s commitment to delivering a feel-good experience across all aspects of their business.

“‘Eat Fresh. Feel Good.’ represents our commitment to delivering a feel-good experience across everything we do, from the quality of our food to the restaurant experience, the way we engage with our guests, our fresh approach to partnerships and everything in between,” said Titeica.

The launch of ‘Eat Fresh. Feel Good.’ was accompanied by Subway ANZ’s most ambitious campaign to date, ‘Sub-Hoppers.’ The campaign was conceived by Team Fresh creative agency Publicis Worldwide Brisbane and involved a cast and crew of over 120 people, including six stunt performers. The campaign was directed by award-winning director Mitch Kennedy and features a procession of nostalgic bouncing inflatables, set to the song ‘Dreamer’ written by Roger Hodgson and Richard Davies.

Ryan Petie, Publicis Worldwide Executive Creative Director, stated that the unveiling of ‘Eat Fresh. Feel Good.’ had been a two-year journey. He emphasised the importance of continually seeking a fresher way of looking at the convenience category for a brand with freshness at its core.

“For a brand with freshness at its core, it’s imperative that we continually seek a fresher way of looking at the convenience category. We have been working to the ‘Eat Fresh. Feel Good.’ brand ethos since partnering with Subway in late 2021, ensuring that people understand Subway makes you feel good not only from the food, but the entire experience. ‘Sub-Hoppers’ delivers a beautiful, simple visual metaphor for the feeling we get from eating Subway and signals the start of a joyous new era for the brand,” said Petie.

Subway is one of the world’s largest quick service restaurant brands, serving made-to-order sandwiches, wraps, salads and bowls in nearly 37,000 restaurants across more than 100 countries.