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June, 2024

Taylor Swift the most merchandised artist of 2024

New research by No Deposit Rewards has revealed the top fanmade celebrity merchandise in 2024, with Taylor Swift leading the pack. Swift’s merchandise has over 300,000 monthly searches and fanmade merch boasts over 1,900 listings online.

Lana Del Rey and Drake follow as the second and third most merchandised artists with 1,766 and 1,699 listings online respectively. Despite not being in the top 10, Alice in Chains offers the best earning potential for fans with merch prices averaging at A$118.29.

The research analysed data from Etsy’s online marketplace for fanmade merchandise for Billboard’s top artists, including the number of product listings and the average prices associated with each. The data also analysed average monthly Google searches for each analysed artist to identify which fanbase is most interested in purchasing these products.

“The surge in fanmade merchandise listings is a reflection of today’s fan culture. This data not only highlights which artists are currently resonating with fans on a personal level but also underscores the possible opportunity for sellers in this space,” said No Deposit Rewards’ Mason Jones.

Posters are the most popular type of merchandise across all fanbases, with 5,169 listings, followed by t-shirts with 4,765 listings and shirts with 3,550 listings. The least popular merch item is jewelry, with just 73 listings. In terms of Google popularity, fans are most keen to purchase posters of their favourite artists, reporting 104,736 average monthly searches, and are least interested in keychains, with just 10 searches made per month.

“Particularly, the popularity of merchandise like posters, t-shirts, and shirts suggests fans crave a tangible connection to their favourite artists, creating a lucrative opportunity for creators and artists looking to earn money via online marketplaces,” said Jones. “The wide range of products that are available for popular artists such as Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey indicates that fans are constantly seeking new and unique ways to support their idols – especially if they have expensive, sold-out, or perhaps less aesthetic products available in their official merch stores.”