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February, 2024

Taylor Swift’s authenticity resonates with Gen Z, Millennials, boosting consumer spending, says Getty Images

Taylor Swift’s brand, built around authenticity, has had a noticeable impact on consumer spending, particularly during her Australian Eras tour.

This authenticity resonates with her Gen Z and Millennial audience, as evidenced by data from Getty Images’ Visual GPS. The data reveals that 49% of people in ANZ define ‘authentic’ as ‘real/real thing’, followed by ‘genuine’.

Kate Rourke, APAC Head of Creative Insights at Getty Images, suggests that brands can foster a strong connection with Swift’s fanbase by embracing what is real and genuine. She said, “In a world where people increasingly struggle to tell if an image is even real, our insights show that 73% of Gen Z and millennials across ANZ demand more realism and authenticity. Taylor Swift’s genuine approach and authentic connection with her fans is one of the biggest reasons Aussies love her. One way that brands can tap into this is by embracing what is real and genuine including the beauty of life’s imperfections. This could be as simple as a genuine caught moment of fans getting together ready to go to a concert, in a home that shows personality. Brands that can show real and relatable visuals will no doubt win the hearts of this dedicated fanbase.”

A significant 87% of Gen Z and Millennials in ANZ believe it’s very important or somewhat important that the image or video they see is authentic. Furthermore, 73% of Gen Z and Millennials in ANZ demand more realism and authenticity.

Getty Images Visual GPS noted a 329% increase in searches for ‘Taylor Swift’ visuals from January to February. Brands and marketers are keen to tap into Taylor Swift’s fanbase, which is primarily made up of Gen Z and Millennials.
(Image source: Getty Images)