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January, 2024

Taylor Swift's merchandise reigns supreme globally – double Harry Styles, Lana Del Ray combined, study reveals

A recent study has revealed that Taylor Swift’s merchandise is the most popular globally, leading the pack in the music industry. The study was conducted by promotional products company, utilising an analysis of online search volumes for Billboard’s Top 100 artists of 2023.

The study used 1,218 keywords within Google Keyword Planner and calculated average monthly figures globally since January 2023. Swift’s merchandise had the highest number of online mentions in 2023, with 596,195 mentions. Following her were Harry Styles and Lana Del Rey, with 161,537 and 157,337 online mentions respectively. Other artists in the top ten included Metallica, Tyler, the Creator, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Drake, Morgan Wallen, and SZA.

Swift’s merchandise demand is nearly twice as high as Harry Styles and Lana Del Rey combined, demonstrating her immense popularity and connection with fans.

A spokesperson for commented on the findings, “In a remarkable year that saw Taylor Swift named Time’s Person of the Year, the superstar’s dominance in merchandise demand secures her unparalleled connection with fans. Marking her multifaceted success, 2023 stands as an extraordinary chapter in Taylor Swift’s ever-growing career. Securing the top spot in the research comes as no surprise, but it’ll be interesting to see if these Google searches translate into Christmas presents this year.”

This study is designed to provide insights into the popularity of music merchandise and the potential impact on the promotional products industry and to highlight the power of online presence and fan engagement in driving merchandise sales.