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May, 2024

Telstra drives connectivity for Honda’s new Accord in Australia

Honda has selected Telstra as its connectivity partner in Australia for the newly launched Honda Accord. The vehicle has an enhanced Honda Connect service and is the first to integrate Google built-in, powered by Telstra’s SIM and its robust mobile network.

The collaboration allows Honda to securely access the vehicle’s telemetry data, such as engine performance and fuel efficiency. This data is crucial for improved vehicle maintenance and monitoring. Owners of the Accord can access an upgraded infotainment system offering entertainment, navigation, and weather updates.

The system also provides access to apps and services like Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play, as well as hands-free assistance from Google Assistant for in-vehicle control of functions such as temperature adjustment and media downloads.

“We’re entering a new era of technology and innovation in the automotive industry. By bringing together our connectivity expertise, including the largest mobile and IoT networks in Australia, our partnership with Honda is really about delivering the best connected car experience for new Honda Accord owners in Australia – one that is more convenient and enjoyable,” said Telstra Industry Executive, Jon Young Flores.

The partnership is not just about enhancing the driving experience for Honda Accord owners. Telstra has also worked closely with Honda during the car’s development to support the company in meeting regulatory obligations as a Carriage Service Provider under the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s Telecommunications Act 1997. This is part of the new services they will be offering.

“At Honda Australia, our core focus is in delivering exceptional customer experiences through our innovative products and technology, and this partnership with Telstra helps us achieve that,” said Honda Australia Vice President & Director, Carolyn McMahon.

Telstra’s extensive network and infrastructure, combined with its technical expertise, positions it well to support brands like Honda in maximising the value and benefits of their connected car solutions across Australia.

“With the scale of our network and infrastructure, along with our technical expertise, we are well-equipped to support brands like Honda in maximising the value and benefits of their connected car solutions across our nation. These improvements will collectively make a significant impact on Aussies lives,” said Flores.