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March, 2024

The rise of the ‘Avo King’: a spoonful of avocado at a football match sparks a marketing campaign

Australian Avocados has crowned it’s ‘Avo King’, puling off a national earned campaign in partnership with creative agency Thinkerbell.

Joe Rumoro, dubbed the ‘Avo King’, was was spotted eating an avocado with a spoon at a Carlton football match, catching the attention of commentators and the public.

Australian Avocados took hold of the opportunity to launched a campaign to identify the man and normalise eating avocados with a spoon at football matches.

Rumoro was eventually identified by Australian media and appeared on various platforms including 3AW, the Herald Sun, and the Today Show. He explained that he eats avocados with a spoon because “it’s healthy, easy to eat and versatile as he can enjoy it with salmon, tuna and cottage cheese”.

Rumoro is the Publican of The Tower Hotel in Hawthorn East. T

Austrlalian Avocados is earned by Hort Innovation, a grower-owned, not-for-profit research and development business for Australia’s $16+ billion horticulture industry.