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August, 2018

Tony Palmer Award winner – Sean Woo

For more than 40 years, the Monash Marketing Awards for Excellence have celebrated the discipline of marketing and acknowledged outstanding marketing students.

This year, Sean Woo received the Tony Palmer Award, which includes 12 months of mentoring by Monash marketing alumnus, Tony Palmer, President of Global Brands and Innovation at Kimberly Clark.

“I’m very excited about being mentored by Tony. His insights and experience in marketing innovation will be extremely beneficial in developing my skills and if I can help others by sharing what I have learned, I definitely will,” said Sean.

Sean graduated from Monash Business School with a double degree – a Bachelor of Business majoring in marketing and a Bachelor of Journalism.

The generous gift by Tony Palmer, which supports marketing graduates to realise their passion for pursuing a career in marketing, arose from a cup of coffee and conversation between Tony and a fellow Monash marketing alumnus in 2008. During the meeting, Tony spoke about the value of an ‘alumni culture of giving back’. In appreciation of his time at Monash, which included a Global Study Program that shaped his decision to pursue a career in marketing, Tony decided to give back by creating the Tony Palmer Award.

“Our marketing alumnus are passionate about giving back and ensuring students have memorable learning experiences,” said Harmen Oppewal, Head of the Department of Marketing at Monash Business School.

“The Tony Palmer Award is a fitting tribute to Tony’s vision, values and passion. I congratulate Sean for sharing in these, for making the most of the possibilities made available to him and creating his own opportunities to shape his career. He is committed, enthusiastic and keen to share his experience with the next generation of Monash marketing students. This is the ‘spirit’ of the Tony Palmer Award.”

As well as mentoring by Tony Palmer, Sean receives a cash prize and complimentary passes to Monash Business School’s Department of Marketing events.


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