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February, 2024

Total Image Group unveils ‘double denim’ uniform in an attempt to redefine corporate wear

Total Image Group (TIG), a family-led business with 18 years of experience in custom-branded uniform design and 40 years in textile manufacturing, has launched a new uniform featuring a ‘double denim’ look.

The new uniform merges denim jeans with a chambray shirt, paying homage to denim’s roots in workwear. Originally used as sturdy workwear for 19th-century labourers, denim has since become a globally embraced fashion symbol. TIG’s new uniform is designed to be durable and long-lasting, reflecting the company’s commitment to quality and purpose in uniform design.

Pamela Jabbour, TIG’s CEO and designer, states the new uniform aims to redefine corporate wear by blending denim’s enduring charm with a smart casual ethos.

“In introducing the ‘Double Denim’ uniform, we aim to redefine corporate wear by blending the enduring charm of denim with a smart casual ethos. This collection pays homage to the historical evolution of uniforms and injects a sense of fun within our team,” says Jabbour.

In response to concerns about the environmental impact of fast fashion, TIG’s new uniform is designed with sustainability in mind, focusing on quality over quantity, fit for purpose, and designs geared towards durability, washability, and reusability. Data from THREDUP shows a significant increase in garment production, doubling since 2000 to approximately 100 billion per year, with projections indicating a potential tripling by 2050. The frequency of garment use has declined by nearly 40%, highlighting the need for a culture of reuse and recycle in the fashion industry.

Using THREDUP’s fashion footprint calculator, it’s estimated that owning a few key uniform garments can reduce an individual’s fashion carbon footprint by up to 77%. TIG’s new uniform is sourced from a supplier with a transparent supply chain, showcasing 100% visibility into fabric sources and 95% transparency regarding yarn sources and raw cotton agents.

TIG dresses over 350,000 workers daily for clients like Ford Australia, Bonza Airlines, and the Australian Winter Olympic Team. The introduction of the ‘Double Denim’ uniform is a step towards a more sustainable and fun corporate culture.