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January, 2024

Tourism Tasmania salutes Australia's first Queen of Denmark with quirky campaign

Tourism Tasmania has made the most of the crowning of Australia’s first Queen of Denmark, Mary, with a cheeky media and social set of creatives celebrating the born-and-bred Tasmanian’s rise to monarchical stardom.

The campaign, which includes a mix of print and digital content, aims to celebrate Queen Mary’s ascension while showcasing Tasmania’s unique charm to both domestic and Danish audiences.

The campaign features print ads in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, ‘Becoming Queen. The only decent excuse for leaving’, suggesting there aren’t many other reasons why people would choose not be in the Apple Isle otherwise. Print ads were also created for Danish publication, Politiken, featuring the tongue-in-cheek line, ‘Down here our views are fit for a Queen. Just ask yours’. The ad also features the tourism body’s brand tagline, ‘Come down for air’.

In addition to the print ads, the campaign extends to owned social media films tailored for Australian and Danish markets, promoted through earned social channels. A highlight of the campaign is the 60-second ‘Dear Queen Mary’ video, shared on LinkedIn, which showcases Tasmania’s natural wonders, food, drinks, and people while also sending the new Queen a personalised message of congratulations and celebration.

“We wanted to show our support for Mary becoming Queen, while also having a bit of fun using our Tasmanian tone of voice and stunning imagery,” Tourism Tasmania CEO, Sarah Clark said. “At Tourism Tasmania we aspire to be different, to cut through the general tourism marketing noise, and this was a great opportunity to reach our important domestic travelling audience and the Danish market with a creative message.’

The campaign comes on the heels of Mary and her husband, Frederik, being officially crowned Queen Mary and King Frederik X of Denmark on Sunday 14 January. This followed the abdication of Queen Margarethe II after 53 years of service.

Tourism Tasmania CMO, Lindene Cleary, said it’s not every day that a Tasmanian becomes royalty.

“We wanted to embrace the moment in a ‘Tasmanian’ way, with our team acting quickly to send a clever but fun brand message celebrating Queen Mary,” she told Mi3.

The campaign’s blend of humour, local pride, and international relevance is a testament to Tourism Tasmania’s commitment to ‘cut through the general tourism marketing noise’.