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June, 2024

Twisties launches national campaign to settle the Chicken vs Cheese debate

Pepsico snack brand, Twisties, has collaborated with VaynerMedia to launch an election-style national campaign to settle the long-standing debate between Chicken and Cheese as Australia’s Official Twistie.

The integrated campaign features Robert Irwin and musician G Flip as the faces of the campaign. First launched on social media, it will roll out across Out Of Home (OOH), transit, broadcast and more with a range of election-style actions, culminating in a celebratory wrap party where the winner of ‘Australia’s Official Twistie’ will be announced.

Marketing Manager at Twisties, Sam O’Donnell, said: “The Chicken vs Cheese debate is one we know Australia is passionate about and is all about celebrating the nation’s love for one of its most beloved snack brands. We love how Aussies really get behind either Chicken or Cheese – and go to great lengths to show their love or disdain for the other. It’s truly twisted. We’re loving the debate and enjoying seeing Robert and G Flip fight it out at the polls over the title of Australia’s Official Twistie.”

Campaign highlights include a Twisted Tram journey where the Chicken and Cheese Mascots rally passengers, a TikTok EDM mash-up of the film spot by DJ Lenny Pearce, and more.

Head of VaynerMedia Australia, Amy Bradshaw, said: “After nearly two years of fanning social momentum and elevating the cultural discourse between Chicken or Cheese Twisties, it’s so exciting to see this campaign come to life in such a big way with some of Australia’s most iconic talent.”

VaynerMedia Senior Creative, Char Meldrum-Hanna, said: “The campaign really is more than just settling a long-standing debate; it’s a celebration of the Twisties’ joyfully subverted spirit and a reminder that even the silliest things can both divide and bring us together…also vote chicken.”