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January, 2024

Victoria Bitter launches first campaign, ‘Means More’, from The Monkeys – celebrates skill and intelligence in hard work

Victoria Bitter, in collaboration with creative agency The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song, has launched a new brand campaign titled ‘Means More’. Directed by Tim Bullock at Scoundrel, the campaign aims to celebrate the skill and intelligence behind hard work, aligning with the brand’s existing ‘For A Hard Earned Thirst’ platform.

The integrated campaign will be launched across broadcast television, outdoor, radio, online, and social media platforms. The Monkeys, a creative agency that is part of Accenture Song, worked on the campaign for Carlton & United Breweries, the client for this initiative.

The campaign includes two videos titled ’30s Saw’ and ’30s Bike’. These videos aim to highlight not just the physical effort, but also the skill and intelligence that goes into hard work.

Ant Keogh, Chief Creative Officer at The Monkeys, said: “We wanted to create something that felt modern and progressive, while staying true to VB’s roots. So, we chose to elevate and celebrate the skills of some of Australia’s hardest workers, showing that a hard earned thirst doesn’t just take brawn, it also takes skill.”

Sarah Wilcox, Head of Classic Beer – Marketing at Carlton & United Breweries, added: “VB’s strong values and assets are well established. This campaign seeks to build upon these, while adding relevance to new audiences, by elevating hard work to a new level. We’re not just celebrating sweat and effort; we’re also celebrating skills and smarts.”