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January, 2024

VMO, Fitness Lifestyle Group renew partnership, expand media reach in health clubs

VMO and Fitness Lifestyle Group (FLG) have announced the renewal of their partnership, a move that will see VMO continue to represent media within Fitness First, Goodlife Health Clubs, and ZAP Fitness across Australia. The renewed contract involves a multi-year agreement across 97 Goodlife Health Clubs, 50 Fitness First, and 87 ZAP Fitness gyms.

As part of the agreement, VMO will invest further Capex into 131 clubs across the group to deliver an additional 1600 new TV screens pre-configured for programmatic advertising. These new TV screens will be available to advertisers in the coming months, expanding the reach of brands within these health and wellness spaces.

“VMO is the market leader in the health and wellness media space, known for their quality network and innovative brand solutions. Extending our partnership with them was an obvious and strategic decision, and we are excited to strengthen our collaboration with this premier outdoor provider, where they will continue representing media across Fitness First, Goodlife Health Clubs, and Zap Fitness in Australia,” said Greg Oliver, CEO and Managing Director, Fitness and Lifestyle Group.

Anthony Deeble, Chief Commercial Officer of The HOYTS Group and VMO, echoed Oliver’s sentiments. “We’re thrilled to sign another multi-year term with the team at FLG to continue as the Outdoor partner across Goodlife, Fitness First and ZAP Fitness in Australia, affirming our commitment to own the health and wellness media space. We’re also dedicated to the expansion and ongoing development of our assets within clubs, with an additional 1600 TV screens to be activated in the coming months.”

VMO, part of The HOYTS Group, covers over 1,100 health and wellness clubs nationwide, representing Australia’s leading health clubs. The renewed partnership aims to provide advertisers with the opportunity to reach high-value audiences within these clubs.

“We’re excited to continue giving advertisers the opportunity to be present amongst high-value audiences with positive mindsets – a proven contributor to brand growth. We’re equally as passionate about creating meaningful connections and delivering new and unique opportunities for brands, and memorable brand experiences for members within these clubs,” said Paul Butler, Managing Director of VMO.

FLG is APAC’s leading health & wellness group, and this renewed partnership with VMO is set to further strengthen their position in the market.