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February, 2024

West HQ unveils Australian Idol campaign to celebrate Sydney Coliseum Theatre’s entertainment diversity

West HQ is celebrating its Australian Idol connection through a new advertising campaign for the Sydney Coliseum Theatre in Rooty Hill, Sydney.

The campaign, which spans TV, print, digital, and out-of-home advertising, celebrates the diverse range of entertainment offered at the theatre. The campaign highlights performances by Australian Idol judge, Delta Goodrem, and former contestant, Shannon Noll, as well as the filming of the STAN series Prosper and Australian Idol.

West HQ CEO Richard Errington emphasised the company’s 60-year history of bringing entertainment to Western Sydney.

“For the past 60 years, delivering diverse entertainment has been a core commitment of ours, with the who’s who of Australian entertainment performing in our Rooty Hill venue,” said Errington.

The Sydney Coliseum Theatre, a 2,000-seat venue, opened in Rooty Hill four years ago. Despite disruptions caused by COVID-19, the theatre has become a hub of entertainment in Greater Sydney.

“With the opening of our 2,000-seat world-class Sydney Coliseum Theatre at Rooty Hill four years ago, this has not only given us more opportunity to attract and present diverse entertainment but has also helped Rooty Hill become officially idolised,” Errington added.

The theatre’s diverse line-up of acts has included sold-out performances by Goodrem and Missy Higgins, dance by the Sydney Dance Company and Bangarra Dance Theatre, musical theatre, and family shows.

Errington further highlighted the theatre’s commitment to the diversity of the area and its passion for good entertainment. “There is really something for everyone, with the Sydney Coliseum Theatre catering to the diversity of the area and its passion for good entertainment,” he said.

The Sydney Coliseum Theatre will host Australian Idol until 25 March.