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May, 2024

Why being a member of a professional body is good for your career

Being part of a professional body, such as the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), provides you with an invaluable range of professional development, networking and other learning opportunities that you may otherwise miss out on. Resources that can help you excel in your career.

Once you join a professional body, you are instantly connected with like-minded professionals on the local and sometimes even global level. You will have access to thought leaders in your industry and potential hiring managers for your next career move.

That said, what are the key benefits of being part of a professional body?

  1. One of the major benefits of being part of a professional body is the opportunity to invest in your professional development; gain access to training, mentoring programs, research material and industry insights to help you grow in your field.
  2. The opportunity to network with other members; contacts made through networking can be invaluable when searching for a new position or to expand your sphere of influence. Participating in Professional Interest Groups can also help you further your career. It is common practice to share job postings or even recruit within these groups.
  3. Ability to attend events where you can learn from guest speakers and connect with some of the brightest minds in your industry.
  4. Participate in award programs; such programs provide the ability to have your work assessed and recognised through award and recognition programs. This helps build your personal brand and market profile.
  5. Opportunity to certify your skills which can lead to better career opportunities, demonstrating your commitment to your job and strengthening your credibility as a professional.
  6. Many professional bodies, including the AMI, offer Mentoring Having a mentor can play a key role in helping you advance your career. Seek out a mentor that you believe has the experience to help you grow.
  7. Through the AMI, you can access international marketing bodies, including the prestigious Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK.
  8. Membership is tax deductible; in Australia you can claim a deduction for your membership fee, so being part of a professional body is a bit of a ‘no-brainer’.

Whilst the AMI, or any other professional organisation, can provide you with access to these benefits, it’s up to you to maximise your membership value. Get engaged, get involved and know what opportunities are there for you. And then leverage them.

To find out more about the benefits of being a member of the AMI, go to In particular, check out the ‘Marketers’ Competency Framework’ which maps out 25 competencies to be a successful marketer today.

The framework will enable you to identify and pursue personal development goals and accelerate your career progression. Our curated courses align with the framework, so you can easily identify those relevant to your own development plan.

Nowhere else in Australia can you get access to such a comprehensive career growth resource.