AMI Affiliate Membership

For non-marketers with an interest in marketing 

Are you interested in marketing, even though it’s not your primary career? Did you know that one in two adults in the working population use some form of marketing in their role, whether it’s promoting products and services, acquiring or retaining customers, or improving the customer experience? AMI’s goal is to develop marketing awareness across Australia and we welcome all people with a genuine interest in marketing to join our community and learn new skills.

What is AMI Affiliate Membership?

AMI Affiliate Membership is a cost-effective solution to deepen your understanding of marketing and join the community of Australian marketers.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a professional in a related field or someone considering a career change, AMI Affiliate Membership will assist you in learning the basics of marketing and build your network of marketing professionals.

If your career has advanced and you become a professional marketer, you may be eligible for advancement to the professional AMI membership level.  

Who might be interested?

AMI Affiliate Membership is open to all non-marketers with an interest in marketing:

  • Small business owners who need to promote their business but don’t have a designated marketing officer or in-house marketing department. 
  • Specialists in other fields e.g. financial specialists or HR staff. 
  • People with an interest in marketing who are looking for a career change.

What are the benefits?

There are numerous benefits to becoming an AMI Affiliate Member. As a member you will have the opportunity to: 

Easy to join

Join online now! By joining online, you’ll get a valuable and cost-effective opportunity to deepen your understanding of marketing and join the community of Australian marketers.

AMI Member Benefits

As the leading professional marketing association in Australia, the Australian Marketing Institute offers a platform to advance your thinking, develop your skills, fuel your development and fulfil your potential. We believe that collaboration, accountability, learning and professional standards are important to the growth of the marketing profession. We provide invaluable, cost-saving membership privileges to support each member’s career. 

Event & Training Discounts

AMI Affiliate Members get up to 30% discount on fundamental training and networking events to learn new marketing skills and build their professional network.

Offers & Discounts

The Institute provides an array of preferential rates and discounts, which support members’ careers and commercial needs while providing real savings and value including access to leading industry events, conferences and seminars run by partner organisations.

AMI Affiliate Membership Terms and Conditions

  • AMI Affiliate Membership is open to professionals who engaged in work with marketing, but marketing / advertising IS NOT their primary function. Examples of professionals that would be eligible for AMI Affiliate Membership include people with interest in marketing, professionals in other disciplines (e.g. HR, accountant, IT) whose job require some marketing skills and / or people who service and support the marketing industry.
  • Professionals eligible for AMI Professional Membership CANNOT opt for Affiliate Membership.
  • Affiliate Membership is not open to top management of marketing / advertising agencies and consultancies.
  • AMI Affiliate Membership is available for new members only.
  • AMI Affiliate Members cannot access preferential rates on professional indemnity insurance as they are not involved in the professional marketing practice.
  • Affiliate Members are not permitted to use the AMI post-nominal or to promote their membership in marketing materials as these benefits are only available to AMI Professional Members.
  • AMI reserves the right to check information provided (e.g. by accessing new member’s LinkedIn profile or by requesting their CV or job reference) and has the right to disqualify any applicant who does not adhere to these terms.

About AMI

Our Story

The Australian Marketing Institute has been supporting progress in the careers of our members and advancing the marketing profession since 1933. We deliver this through accreditation of tertiary courses, training programs and events. We celebrate marketing excellence through our Awards program.


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We look forward to helping you build your knowledge, develop meaningful partnerships and give back to the wider marketing community. If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact the AMI Membership Team, using the form below or on (02) 8256 1654.