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May, 2024

AMI – ANZMAC APPLIED RESEARCH GRANTS 2024-25 “2023 was a great start, here’s to year two”

2023-24 saw a great start to our grants program, with 42 submissions from 27 institutions across Australia and New Zealand.

“We launched the AMI – ANZMAC Industry Research Grants as a step to bridge the industry-academic gap that was highlighted in recent research in our region,” commented Bronwyn Heys, CEO of AMI. “Many marketing academics have great linkages into the industry. However, there is still much work to do, and we were delighted with the standard of submissions last year.”

The Australian Marketing Institute is a leading industry body for marketing professionals, supporting marketers throughout their career pathway, from leaving university to becoming a senior marketer. A key component of the Australian Marketing Institute’s (AMI’s) charter is to facilitate relevant research for the advancement of marketing practice that will have a beneficial impact on business, consumers, and society as a whole. The AMI – ANZMAC Grants Program is one of the ways we support our commitment to the industry.

For the 2023-24 financial year, we awarded grants for the following research projects:

  • Consumer resilience in the face of the cost-of-living crisis University of Wollongong
  • Ethical and viable solutions following the deprecation of the third-party cookie in programmatic advertising, Massey University
  • Media Customer Lifecycle: Drivers of Customer Loyalty and Retention University of New South Wales
  • The Impact of Generative AI on Advertising Agencies Swinburne University

For the 2024-25 financial year, we are taking a similar approach and retaining the same 6 topic areas as last year, namely:

  • Delivering customer value
  • The evolving landscape of martech (including artificial intelligence)
  • Tools for capturing information to fuel growth
  • The rise of omnichannel promotion and distribution
  • Innovation, new product development and commercialization
  • Marketing’s role in Sustainability / ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance issues)

Linda Robinson, President of ANZMAC, outlined, “Last year was a great start to the grants program, and we were thrilled with the number and standard of submissions; I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the submissions this year.”

The deadline for the second year of submissions will be 30th June 2024. Initial feedback from the AMI-ANZMAC Academic Grants Committee should be received around one month after that. Respondents will have three weeks to reply in writing to the feedback. The final decision by the AMI-ANZMAC Academic Grants Committee is expected to be announced in August 2024.


Application form: LINK (send the application to

Grant Description: LINK


For further information, please contact

John Clay Non-Executive Director / Chair Professional Advancement Committee Australian Marketing Institute


Australian Marketing Institute
The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) is the requisite organisation for professional marketers and the authoritative voice of Marketing in Australia. With the largest network of marketers in Australia, the Australian Marketing Institute has been supporting progress in the careers of our members and advancing the marketing profession since 1933. By becoming a member of the AMI, you are joining a well-established and diverse community of marketers who belong to the association, which advocates for your profession and supports you in building your skills as a professional marketer. Through the recognition of Marketing Excellence, our professional development program, and national and state-based events, the AMI works with our members to foster trust, innovation, responsibility and respect for our industry.

Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy
ANZMAC (the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy) was formed in 1998, having evolved from the growing interaction between Australian and New Zealand marketing educators over the preceding years. A major impetus for its formation was a recognition of the need to improve marketing research, teaching, and practice in the South Pacific. The organisation is modelled on the European Marketing Academy. It welcomes input from Australasian researchers and managers, particularly from other parts of the world.

*Branding’s academic-practitioner gap: managers’ views | Journal Product and Brand Management 2021
Frank Alpert Independent Scholar, Brisbane, Australia
Mark Brown, Elizabeth Ferrier and Claudia Fernanda Gonzalez-Arcos UQ Business School,
Rico Piehler Department of Marketing, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia