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July, 2024

Changing the game to reach under-40 sports fans: Latest Growth Distillery report

Nearly six in 10 Gen Z Australians have started following a new sport in the last two years, presenting new opportunities for brands, according to the latest The Growth Distillery report.

The independent research think-tank powered by News Corp Australia has released a new study titled ‘Sporting Nation 2024: Next Generation’. The research explores how younger fans are engaging with Australia’s sports landscape and the implications for brands. It suggests traditional methods of reaching fans under the age of 40 are becoming increasingly challenging as they turn to digital and interactive platforms.

According to the study, social connection is the top motivation for sports fans under 40, with over 70% saying sports bring them closer to friends and family. The report also found younger fans increasingly difficult to reach during live games, shifting consumption habits to include sports news, wagering, documentaries, podcasts, tipping and fantasy sports.

Fans are consuming on average five sports across the year, indicating an increase in the number of sports being followed. Almost 60% of younger fans have a strong affinity for brands that support their favourite team or sport. In addition, 59 percent of Gen Z Australians have started following a new sport in the last two years, presenting a potentially untapped market in the sports space.

“This study shows they need to look beyond just live coverage and tap into other key touch points as well. Brands should embrace the diverse interests of fans across various sports and form smart partnerships,” Head of Growth Intelligence at The Growth Distillery, Leigh Lavery, said.