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April, 2021

Five award-winning campaigns that will blow your mind

Truly creative marketing campaigns have a way of staying with us long after the campaign is over. The days of broad-brush marketing built simply around a jingle or slogan are long behind us. Today’s marketers have a wealth of varying communications platforms, sophisticated data, and creativity at their disposal to produce meaningful campaigns that deliver measurable ROI.

As submissions for the 2021 AMI Marketing Excellence Showcase open, we look back at some of our favourite award-winning campaigns from the past 12 years, recognised for marketing excellence at the AMI Awards.

Tourism Northern Territory’s ‘Changing the Perception of the Top End’

WINNER: Marketing Program of the Year (2020)

Research reported awareness and visitation for the ‘Top End’ had significantly declined and that even those who were aware of the holiday destination had inaccurate, dated and often negative perceptions. However, Darwin has a complete and wonderful story of old and new, waiting to be told.

To reverse these negative perceptions and decline in visitation, Tourism Northern Territory had to think differently, buying TV ads would not change perceptions. Era­-defying content was needed, and an entire feature film and web series were integrated into a marketing campaign.

After five years in development, Top End Wedding had its global Premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and was released in almost 300 cinemas across Australia. It was ranked number two in Australian film for 2019 and well inside the top 100 Australian films of all time. This success saw a 6.5% rise in total visitation to the Top End.

The Heart Foundation & News Corp’s ‘Australia’s Worst Serial Killer’

WINNER: Social Change Marketing (2019)

The Heart Foundation’s ‘Serial Killer’ campaign aimed to cut through Australians’ dangerous complacency about our most prolific killer, one that strikes 51 times every day, killing 18,500 Australians each year. The campaign called on the Government to invest in the prevention of heart disease and on Australians to take steps to assess their own risk levels.

The campaign had a two-fold approach and a bold creative concept: the ‘Serial Killer’, which leveraged Australia’s known fascination with true crime and spearheaded advocacy and editorial initiative.

Within the first seven days, the Government agreed to fund life-saving Heart Foundation Checks for Australians at risk of heart disease, something the foundation had been lobbying to achieve for over 10 years. A Heart Age Calculator was also launched.

Emergency Services Health ‘Find My Hero Australia’

WINNER: Corporate Social Responsibility (2018)

Emergency responders are there at our most desperate times, working in high-stress and dangerous situations. But it is often not possible for the people they help to share their gratitude and thanks. Over time, this lack of closure can have a significant impact on a first responder’s well-being.

Research has linked gratitude to better mental health. It can reduce depression, aid sleep and improve self-esteem.

Emergency Services Health created ‘Find My Hero Australia’ to help reconnect emergency services personnel with the people that owed them thanks, using the power of social media, PR, and word of mouth. The initiative gained nationwide media attention, achieved nine real-world reconnections, 3182 Facebook followers and sparked 12 significant new stakeholder relationships.

Robina Town Centre’s ‘The Kitchens – Let’s Stir it Up’

WINNER: Integrated Marketing Communications (2017)

In 2016 Robina Town Centre launched The Kitchens, a modern food playground that signalled a significant overhaul of the traditional fresh food and dining experience. The Kitchens became an Australian-first: driving customer engagement through sensory and experiential tactics. 30 fresh food retailers, cafes, and restaurants came together to create a bustling marketplace. The Kitchens reinvented the culinary experience by placing immersion at its core; a place to dwell, socialise, experience, eat, drink, and sharpen skills.

Launch results exceeded expectations, generating $9.4 million in sales within three months of launch, and positive publicity valued at over $1 million.

Tourism Queensland’s ‘Best Job in the World’ Campaign

WINNER: Marketing Program of the Year (2009)

‘The Best Job in the World’ campaign sought to increase global consumer awareness of the Great Barrier Reef islands, and to position this destination as an aspirational holiday location, through an integrated approach encompassing website visitation and use of social media.

Attracting over 34,000 applications from around the world, the search for an island caretaker gained global attention with PR value in excess of $50 million – being featured in coverage by CNN, The Financial Times, Good Morning America, the BBC, The Guardian, CCTV China, USA Today, RTL TV Europe and Time amongst others – and triggered over 400,000 website visitations. 

About: Established in 1982, the AMI Awards for Marketing Excellence have become one of the biggest programs on the Australian marketing calendar. For 40 years, the Awards have been providing an opportunity to celebrate individuals and organisations who have achieved extraordinary success from innovative and effective marketing practices.

Have your marketing campaigns achieved excellent results? Entries for the 2021 AMI Awards are open until Friday, 30 April. Enter now!

Cristian Herrera
Marketing Coordinator
Australian Marketing Institute