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July, 2024

SMEC unveils new global brand strategy, promise of ‘Engineering positive change’

Global Engineering Consultancy, SMEC, has unveiled a fresh global brand strategy and identity, encapsulated in the new brand promise, ‘Engineering positive change’.

The rebranding initiative was a collaborative effort between SMEC’s in-house art and design team, led by Fletcher Ross, and B2B marketing consultancy, I.M.A. The new brand strategy and visual identity will be rolled out globally from mid-July.

The rebranding process involved a comprehensive range of tasks, including strategy, research and insights, positioning, key messaging, and the creation of brand launch materials. I.M.A.’s role in the rebranding process was multifaceted, encompassing strategy, research and insights, positioning, key messaging, and the creation of brand launch materials.

The new visual identity includes a new logo, colour palette, and associated collateral and tools developed by SMEC’s in-house team. The rebrand aims to simplify the complexity traditionally associated with the engineering category.

SMEC’s new brand promise is ‘Engineering Positive Change’, which aims to differentiate SMEC from its competitors and focus on providing practical client solutions that utilise technology to reduce cost, increase reliability, and reduce environmental impact.

“We recognised we needed to update the brand to engage with our stakeholders in a way that was truly authentic and spoke clearly about the nature of our services and expertise. With I.M.A. garnering the insights and developing a brand strategy that fitted with our objectives, we were able to bring our new brand promise – Engineering Positive Change – to life via core design elements which create a clear visual identity for all SMEC communications,” said Suzanne Gibbs, Global Lead, Marketing and Communications, Infrastructure and Energy, SMEC.

Key to the rebrand for Jake Cush, Partner at I.M.A. was multiple dimensions but a single DNA.

“Our insights showed SMEC needed a brand positioning that strongly reflected how SMEC people and customers feel and see the brand and would cut through in a category that generally looks and sounds very generic,” he explained.

The new brand strategy and visual identity are expected to enhance SMEC’s brand recognition and differentiation in a competitive market, while also reinforcing its commitment to delivering practical and sustainable solutions for its clients.