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Did you know that one in two adults in the working population have something to do with Marketing in their roles i.e. acquiring customers; retaining customers or improving the customer experience. That is over 6 million people! While many roles are under threat of automation, creative professions such as Marketing are not yet one of them. Marketing is experiencing strong double digit jobs growth and will most likely continue to do so. In the Federal Government Jobs 2016 report Customer Experience Marketing is Top 5 ranked growth professions to 2035.

By joining the Australian Marketing Institute as a student member, you will become a member of Australia’s only professional body for marketers which provides members with a pathway to becoming Certified Practising Marketers. Our membership includes marketers from all industries, segments and job functions, enabling us to promote marketing interests by serving as the unified voice of the marketing profession.

Student membership is only $60! When you graduate you can apply for the special graduate rate of $150 (inc GST) per year which gives you full professional membership status for two (2) years after you graduate.

Set yourself apart


In today’s highly competitive environment, joining a professional association gives you access to marketing and your future employers.  Leverage your AMI membership to demonstrate your commitment to a career in marketing to potential employers. By developing your marketing capabilities and building your professional network, you are increasing your competitive advantage and skill set. AMI supports you in your career by providing industry and career development events facilitating opportunities for early career marketers to meet potential employers and obtain work experience.

 Career pathway for students


The Institute provides an array of opportunities for our student members career growth. In addition to providing real savings and value with discounts on training and networking, students can gain real marketing experience by sharing their voice to have their say in the future of the industry. No matter what stage you are at in your student life, studies or career, AMI has a range of opportunities for you to learn, grow and feel ready for the future.

Opportunities to get real experience


  1. Become an AMI Student Ambassador – represent student interests by participating on the AMI Student Special Interest Group.
  2. Position yourself as a thought leader – build your personal brand and generate content for AMI’s social media and our blog Marketing Voice.
  3. Share your voice – get involved by interviewing AMI’s Certified Practising Marketers for AMI’s Marketing Voice, social media and Youtube channel.
  4. Get skilled up – take advantage of member discounts on AMI and IQ fundamental training, FREE webinars and access to exclusive reports in the AMI Content Library.
  5. Build your reputation – set yourself apart by meeting industry leaders at AMI’s networking events, available at special member rates.
  6. Get job ready – gain real world experience by taking part in the Marketing Career Advancement program.
  7. Find a job – submit your CV and search for jobs from the web and put in the one place on AMI’s Jobs Hub.

For more detailed information on the benefits of membership, go to the Member Benefits page and the Member Preferential Rates and Discounts page.

If you have any questions about student or graduate membership or how you can take advantage of any of the work experience opportunities available to you, contact Membership Services on 02 8256 1654 or