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November, 2021

ANZ’s Marketing Masters and Brand Academy program endorsed by Australian Marketing Institute (AMI)

ANZ has become the first financial organisation to have its programs endorsed by the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI).

The partnership means that participants, all ANZ employees, in the Marketing Masters and Brand Academy program will have access to professional training for marketers from AMI. In addition, eligible individuals will have the opportunity to start their journey towards becoming a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM), or if they have received this certification, Professional Maintenance Program (PMP) points will be awarded. Finally, qualifying employees of this financial organisation will be able to be involved in the Emerging Marketers mentoring program.

ANZ’s chief marketing officer Sweta Mehra said: “At ANZ, we realised some time ago that we need to train our marketers, uplift them and build their capabilities and we need to make sure we are building a future-ready, commercially savvy, tech and data proficient marketing function. Marketing can be extremely customer-centric, but it can also be very innovative and help us accelerate growth for ANZ across our businesses.”

Australian Marketing Institute CEO Narendra Prasad added: “From emerging professionals to established players, marketers need to continue to upskill and train and ANZ’s commitment to investing in their team demonstrates how significant that need is. We are all living in an evolving world today, the post-pandemic landscape is reflecting an even greater insatiable appetite by the employers and employees of the future, to continue growing their marketing-based skill sets to better identify and capture opportunities to meet customer and other stakeholder needs.”

“The brands of tomorrow are constantly finding ways to maintain relevance in what is a very digitised environment in which we are operating. As one of only a limited cohort of organisations, and the only financial institution, it is our desire to see more employers follow ANZ’s example.”

Mumbrella spoke to ANZ’s senior manager, customer centricity and capability, Kate Young about the Brand Academy for the Mumbrellacast in September.

At the time, Young said: “Not only are we focused on core customer-centric capabilities, but we have also built a robust program that we expect ANZ marketers, and indeed, those beyond the marketing team who are involved in our processes like our technology and data teams, to complete. Our workshops are application-led to help our team build skills by teaching them the knowledge, processes, and frameworks so they will be able to understand and implement customer-centric initiatives.”

About Marketing Masters and Brand Academy

Modern, commercially minded marketing teams need deep expertise across a wide range of capabilities. Marketing Masters and Brand Academy were designed by ANZ CMO Sweta Mehra’s capability building team to help ANZ marketers reach their full potential as a marketer, set them up for career growth, and prepare the organisation for the future roles and capabilities that will be required as industry leaders in the coming years. The programs leverage global best practices to help ANZ build a team of highly performing future-ready marketers to deliver greater customer-centricity in the organisation.

About Australian Marketing Institute

The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) is the requisite organisation for professional marketers and authoritative voice of Marketing in Australia. With the largest network of marketers in Australia, the Australian Marketing Institute has been supporting progress in the careers of our members and advancing the marketing profession since 1933. AMI is focused on furthering the careers of marketers throughout all stages of their careers